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How to Get the Stakeholder Buy In You Need for Your Web Project

For a web development product to make it to a successful launch, all the right stakeholders need to be on board. This means two things. Executives and/or decision-makers involved must share a clear vision of what the goal is. Also, there should be excitement among customers and users that inspires the project.

Bringing these different groups together under the same banner is no easy feat. Sometimes, it can be harder than building and programming the website itself. One thing is certain. It’s not something your development team can do on their own. You’ll have to take part in the process. In fact, it’s best to jump in at the beginning. You’ll want to get on board before the team lands on their main concepts or begins drawing samples.

Let’s look at what you can do to get stakeholders at every level to buy in to your web development process. Before you know it, they’ll be offering their full support and participation.

Communicate the Need for Change

What is your project’s purpose? Why does this new product need to exist? These core questions should have answers from the get go. Make sure everyone on your team knows why you’re making this investment of time and resources. Show them how the company can’t move forward as it should with your existing web presence. Or present what could be possible to achieve with a new design, fresh apps, or other improvements. Your stakeholders need to understand the necessity and urgency of the situation. Then it becomes easier for them to make the project a priority.

Have a Defined Goal to Meet

Every web development project should have an ultimate goal it is being designed for. This goal should, of course, be specific to your business or organization. What are you actually trying to gain? These targets should be measurable. Then, you’ll be able to point to them later when evaluating your success. Giving these kinds of specifics reinforces the need for the project to move forward. But, it also gives the stakeholders a chance to mention their own, individual goals. These goals can become a part of the entire plan. Everyone can then see exactly what they are working towards.

Get Design and Development Input Early

When it comes to feedback, you’ll want to receive that from the inside of the project, rather than from afar. Allow other influential team members and decision-makers to be involved in the web development process. This will keep communication flowing and provide helpful transparency. You don’t have to act on every suggestion they make. But, you can build cooperation by making sure they are a part of each step. Include them in planning meetings, show them sketches, or share outlines or ideas. Each open door encourages more productive participation. As an added bonus, they may spot issues or opportunities you or your design partner didn’t see. This elevates the project, making the final product stronger.

Share the Success and Celebrations

Towards the end of the project, be sure to let everyone take a bit of credit for their contributions. Let them be a part of the roll-out and be as open as possible about the early benefits. A team that knows they’ll share in the celebration and praise, is one with high morale. You can be confident they’ll do their best to make the effort a success. And isn’t it more fun when everyone celebrates together?

The Missing Piece of Your Web Development Puzzle

If you’re ready to start building a website that takes your business to the next level, here’s some advice. It’s important to have the right creative team on your side. A strong team can guide you through the process and decisions that are yet to come. Contact the Institutional Web Design experts at Atlantic BT. We’ll be happy to schedule a free consultation and answer any questions you might have.


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