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The Best Way to Overcome Web Development Anxiety

Modern web development is a wonderful thing. Almost anything you can envision about a website can now come to life. Custom programming provides a wealth of opportunities. With the right development team, you can create exactly what you need. Amazing layouts, new features and apps, and interactive tools make for a great website.

The bad news about having this many opportunities is that it comes with a cost. Projects can become so large and complex that they are difficult to explain and outline. There are concerns about schedules and financial resources. And that actual first step? Knowing when to begin and how can be overwhelming.
Business owners and executives can feel paralyzed. These realities can leave them feeling unsure on how to move forward. This blog provides a concept that can help you overcome these worries. You’ll be ready to take the first steps with your large web development project in no time.

Introducing the MVP Development

In the world of web development, MVP refers to Minimum Viable Product. What does that mean? It’s a scaled-down version of your finished website. It includes all the basics and essentials.
The MVP version of your website might include basic content and core features. It may not include custom plug-ins or videos added in later. Your MVP site could incorporate some automation and data-collection features. But it might not integrate real-time inventory or shipping logistics.
These are only examples, of course. But they help to illustrate how you can launch a new website without worrying so much. You don’t have to stress about including each different feature or idea at once. That doesn’t mean they won’t be a part of the final product. The concept of beginning with MVP development allows you to prioritize each piece.

Why MVP Development First Pays Off in a Big Way

Why bother having your web development team create a scaled-down version of your website? What you really want is more features and functionality, right? There are a lot of practical reasons to do things one step at a time.
First of all, your MVP website is going to be easier to plan and manage. It won’t need as large of an investment like a bigger job would. Creating an institutional website takes a lot of time and money. Is this a concern for you? Then the MVP development first strategy is the ideal path for your project. It generates movement without dipping too much into your schedule or budget.
Another plus is that an MVP website gives you the chance to test out concepts. You can find out what is essential to meeting your organizational goals. You can also see what users will respond to. This helps you make informed decisions before you commit to a larger effort. If you want to test the viability of certain apps or ideas, you can do so without risking too much in the process.
Finally, it’s worth reiterating this point. A smaller version of your website can serve as a launching point for future growth. You’re in a hurry to get a new web presence online? Why not build an MVP? It gets you on the web and then allows you to expand over the coming months and years.
One of the biggest benefits to an MVP approach is reducing the size and scope of deployed changes and increasing the deployment frequency. It allows for smaller learning curves, and signals to users that the site is regularly updated and cared for. – Jon Karnofsky, Director of Operations

Want to Learn More about Complex Web Development?

We’ve been there. We implemented the MVP development strategy for one of our clients. It served their needs well. We planned and developed a full rebuild of their existing web application. The primary goal was twofold. We needed to keep the existing functionality while creating a more resilient application. The project took a year and a half of documentation and development. It involved brand new hosting services, networking aspects, and visual design. Yet, the tasks the users performed were effectively the same.

It may not sound like it, but this project was a successful MVP. The entire team had plenty of ideas for improvement. Together, we decided to keep the initial changes in features limited. This allowed for three helpful things:

  • Shorter development before the initial deployment
  • Less changes to the end users
  • Easier migration of data

Once that application was deployed, we had a large backlog of features to add or improve. This work still continues today. We’re proud of what we were able to accomplish, using MVP.

The design and programming team at Atlantic BT are your website experts. We’ve designed sites for large groups and institutions on many occasions. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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