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Virtualization – Internet Summit Raleigh Notes

What a Private Cloud Can Deliver Today and Tomorrow

@dgiambruno David Giambruno Senior Vice President & CIO, Revlon


Their virtualization strategy allows them to access all of their data and sling it to any device and they did it in two days.  His simple mission is to allow the business to do whatever they want when they want to do it.

It took them 5 years to enable their virtulization strategy.  One(ness) is their mantra, one server image, one desktop image, etc.

They are moving to streaming all their applications.  They are even streaming Adobe…they have one copy that they patch and then all their users get it automatically.

The new active vectors are the SAN and mobile devices especially 4G enabled devices.  This changes the paradigm of Application Delivery and it will change the nature of compliance with government regulations.

Management and Orchestration of Virtualized Infrastructure: The Next Battleground in the Converged Stack Market

@jdooley_clt Jeramiah Dooley vArchitect, VCE


Infrastructure is boring, but Virtualization is not boring.  Because there is competition what will come out of there is innovation.  Watching VMWare andMicrosoft go at it is interesting, but the key is that innovation is occurring rapidly.

An Intel Processor is sitting inside every major storage provider.  One answer as to why is cost.  Intel makes them by the billions and can distribute them and performance is usually great.

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