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Thirst for Knowledge Recap: Content Strategy for Large Organizations

From running content audits to organizing a redirects plan, the latest Thirst for Knowledge showed all the complexity inside a strong Content Strategy. Led by former ABT Marketing Lead Tori Pratt and ABT Head of Project Management Daniel Hooks (filling in for Haven Hottel from Campbell University), this Thirst for Knowledge unpacked some of the most difficult stages of crafting content strategy for large organizations.

Using Campbell University’s recent redesign as a working example, this presentation showed how to integrate content audits, content analysis, and content governance on a large-scale redesign with multiple organizational stakeholders. Here are the full slides and audio from the presentation:

The event also included an in-house demo station from Blaze, the cloud-based content audit platform which powered our content strategy for Campbell University. Two lucky attendees from Saint Augustine University and Durham-based ArchiveSocial won a free three-month subscription to Blaze’s content audit service.

As you plan content for your organization, we don’t want you to have to tackle this complex task on your own. If you have any questions about specific aspects of content strategy and governance, do not hesitate to contact us for help.


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