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Tech Cures Cancer Movement

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 Tech Cures Cancer Logo  Martin Marty Smith Tech Cures Cancer on Atlantic BTOrigins of Tech Cures Cancer:
Falling in Love with Technology

In 1982 I was 24 years old. I remember sitting across from a loan officer at Marine Midland Bank in Buffalo, New York explaining why I needed $5,000 to buy this new thing called a Personal Computer. Would you make that loan? No, I wouldn’t either.
Thankfully, he did. I purchased a PC with 640K of memory, two big floppy drives, and a monochrome green monitor. I worked days selling M&M’s, and at night I worked my second job learning software and operating systems.
My goal was to eliminate paperwork that took a day a week. The irony of spending hundreds of hours to save a day a week escaped me. My life’s journey took its first left turn.
I was in love with technology.
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Martin’s Ride To Cure Cancer
My Year For Curing Cancer
I will donate my 2013 Atlantic BT salary to the Elizabeth Martin and Duncan Smith Story of Cancer Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit named for my parents.
The Foundation’s mission is to identify and build technology to help cure cancer and provide support for cancer patients, their families and friends.
Tech Cures Cancer! 
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