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Team “Smells Like Money” Takes Gold at 6th ABT Olympics

The Olympic Games are an ancient tradition, gathering together warring athletes from across city-states, countries, and cultures to compete in the global pursuit of peace.

In the ABT Olympics, everyone is from the same company gets together to play flip cup, throw water balloons, and gyrate madly with tissue boxes tied to their waists. We may not have achieved global peace, but there was some spectacular competition.

Everyone here is a winner, but one team was better at winning than everyone else.

In this sixth year of ABT Olympic competition, the events included:

The Water Balloon Toss
13411851_10153865857467690_8950074292441286787_o Dan Hooks from team Gold Blooded exhibited fine catching form to win this event with Allan Maule.

Rock, Paper, Scissors
13433101_10153865860232690_1278630029144762530_o Hap Wiggins from team Gold Blooded found himself countered at every turn, allowing Brendan from The Big Green team to clinch the win.

Space Darts
13415576_10153865867607690_5151195286375127337_o Eric Lloyd of The Pink Pussycats of Death Metal hurls a space dart. This combination of target throwing and intergalactic trivia tested the minds and hand-eye coordination of team Purple Reign, who won the victory.

Flip Cup
13442663_10153865871117690_2601242976963359603_o This classic college drinking game was dominated by the black team, also known as Smells Like Money.

Junk in the Trunk
13443245_10153865883087690_2686849143007671168_o How do you shake ping pong balls out of a tissue box attached to your behind? Team Smells Like Money found the answer and shook it fast.

The Final Relay: 3-Legged Race, Hula Hoop Run, Dizzy Bat, Plank Skiing, and Flag Sprint
13391530_10153865885497690_1895767266611099156_oWith each team’s starting place determined by their wins in earlier events, this multi-part relay would decide the winners of the ABT Olympics. Team Smells Like Money built on their sizable lead to easily finish first.

Hungry for more ABT Olympics action? Check out the gallery below for more images of the Atlantic BT team competing for glory.

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