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Summer Olympics, Atlantic BT Style

Let’s face it, the majority of us work a significant portion of our adult life.  Many companies today take the attitude of ‘be lucky you have a job’.  Not Atlantic BT.   Here, culture is a big part of our mission.  With a dedicated, employee-driven Culture Club to orchestrate various events throughout the year, we take “Work Hard, Play Hard” to a whole new level.  Not to mention most of us are just BIG KIDS.

Last Friday’s 2nd Annual Atlantic BT Summer Olympics proved, yet again, how teamwork, fun and a little crazy can go a long way in creating collaborative environments..not to mention, happier employees and a great place to work.

Check out the latest way we blew off some steam….

Water Balloon Toss – ABT Style” alt=”Water Balloon Toss

Thought synchronized swimming, gymnastics and shot put were the rage?
Try Sumo Wrestling, Corn Hole and Water Balloon Toss!

I let him win….


Truth be told, I couldn’t wait to put these silly costumes on, 90 degree weather and all, since seeing others partake at a Durham Bulls Game.   Unsurprisingly, I was on the ground in 2 seconds flat against the undefeated Brandon “The BullDog” Ambrose.    But I wasn’t alone!  Dave, Greg, even Andrew B or CEO Jon Jordon could not hold “The BullDog”  back!
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Water Balloon Toss

Yes, it’s an official sport.  What?  Well, whatever.  It’s fun watching people get splatted.  Winners are debatable, if you ask USA, I think they said they took it, the score-sheets are missing.

Might’ve been staged, it was 90 degrees

Flip Cup

Scotland THOUGHT they had it in the bag on this one, but to everyone’s amazement, Team Ghana took gold to make up for their three legged race fallout.

Memory, Cup Stacking, Three Legged Race and many more games were played.  But in the end, no team, not even the Scots in their kilts, could hold back Team USA from bringing home the Gold.

Nice Kilts Guys!

Final Score:

USA 1st                 Scottland 2nd            Djibouti 3rd


On behalf of staff, thanks to Atlantic BT leadership, the proctors and Culture Club for a orchestrating a great event.  As a relative newcomer, I feel lucky to be part of such a great group of people.

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