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Stayed Tuned: 2010 PumpKing Carving Competition Winners are Coming Soon!

Last year, Atlantic BT held our first pumpkin carving competition to celebrate Halloween. With the help of an accidental typo, it has been dubbed the Pumpking Carving Competition. To see last year’s entries please visit

On Tuesday, we stayed after work and carved our pumpkins for this year’s contest. Like last year, we’ll be awarding the following prizes:

  • Overall Winner = The Pumpking
  • Scariest Pumpkin
  • Most Original Pumpkin
  • Best Un-lit Pumpkin
  • Funniest/Sarcastic Pumpkin
  • Quickest Pumpkin
  • Spirit Award Pumpkin

Instead of letting the pumpkins rot in the breakroom for a few days… we’ve decided to chunk them across the parking lot using a custom built trebuchet. If you’d like to see the pumpkin smashing, please join us this Friday at 5:00PM. We will begin the festivities with an awards ceremony to crown the Pumpking, then proceed to smash the pumpkins into oblivion.

We’ll be posting the winning pumpkins and photos of the event later this week, so stay tuned to our blog for more information.

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