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Social Media Sweeping Washington…Jump on the Bandwagon

Just last week we spoke on this very website about the importance of social media for your business, whatever your business may be.  In case you’ve been living under a rock or disagreed with the fact that businesses of all shapes and sizes need to jump on the bandwagon, this latest gem of news might finally sway your opinion.

Would you believe us if the biggest “company” in the United States bought into the frenzy of social media and social networking?  Well guess what? It did. The country’s biggest and most powerful “business,” the United States Government, has officially succumbed to the social media frenzy.  The White House has an official blog on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.  Yes, you can get direct tweets from our White House.

When prompted why the Government, who previously has been a notorious stickler for being overly-private and detached from its citizens, has suddenly jumped on the social media bandwagon, here’s what they had to say:

“Technology has profoundly impacted how and where we all consume information and communicate with one another. is an important part of the administration’s effort to use the Internet to reach the public quickly and effectively, but it isn’t the only place.

There’s a lot to talk about right now. From an economic crisis to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the President and his Administration have a full plate – not the least of which is making sure the public stays up-to-date and involved in our efforts.”

So if you were still not convinced as to why social media is right for you and your business, maybe we should take a cue from Obama and our Government who believe it is a useful and vital tool to helping them keep citizens well informed.  Don’t get left behind, stay in front with social media.

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