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SEO In Under A Minute

SEO In Under A Minute from Raleigh Web Developers Atlantic BTWe could write about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for days, and days. SEO can be intimidating and seem hard. In 2010 I rode a bicycle across America to raise money for cancer research. Thinking about riding 3,000 miles would have doomed Martin’s Ride To Cure Cancer to failure before we started. Instead I thought about the fifty or sixty miles a day I needed to ride to arrive in LA within our 60 day plan. Bite size, daily goals make the mountain seem less overwhelming.

SEO in Under A Minute A Day from Raleigh Web Developers Atlantic BT is short, frequent tips you can easily do that take about a minute. Our goal is to share sixty SEO In Under A Minute Tips before the end of February. One caveat needs stating. You may spend more time READING about Atlantic BT’s SEO In Under A Minute Tips than actually doing them. Explaining takes more time than doing sometimes especially when distilling more than 20 years of search engine optimization experience (on the Atlantic BT marketing team).

SEO In Under A Minute Tip 1: Don’t Start With SEO
Name five of your company’s core values and ideas. Why does your company, brand or product exist in the world? How, who and why is better because your company is here.

Take these questions as an elevator quiz, a Rorschach test.

If you have trouble firing five company and brand ideas, five core values then we suggest homework. Read these books:

  • How: Why how you do everything means everything by Dov Siedman
  • Delivering Happiness: Path To Profits, Passion and Purpose by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh
  • Grow: How ideas and growth power the world’s largest companies

Your web site is a huge reflecting and amplifying pool. If you have any dissonance, confusion or unresolved, “Who are we,” issues resolve them BEFORE you create a web site or at least before your next email marketing campaign. If your site is a reflecting pool of your company then SEO is a reflecting pool of your site. You can see the trickle down problem. If your brand communication is unclear at the top it gets way to murky by the bottom, by the time you reach SEO land.

Start with brand clarity or as close to clarity as we can get these days or the marketing problem, like a snowball rolling down a steep hill, gets bigger with each roll.

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