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If You Could Change The World Today Would You?

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5 Ways YOU Can Change The World In 5 Minutes For $50 NOW

Donate to Roswell Park’s Brain Cancer Vaccine Research.

Donate to UNC Linberger Cancer Center’s Fibrocyte Research.

Donate to UW Carbone’s Revolution in colorectal cancer care.

Donate to Roswell Park’s Vitamin D and Lung Cancer Research.

Save generations of lives In Malawi by helping to buy equipment we all but take for granted.

Save The World Marketing

Perhaps the real question is do we have the courage to make sacrifices necessary to change our world. Can we imagine curing cancer and then act on that thought? Not sure I would have enough courage to change ME if the Big C wasn’t backing me into a corner (lol).

I see myself as a dragon fighter by choice and profession. Dragon fighting is required when creating anything. You know and have experienced how dragons appear the minute you imagine a different YOU, US or WORLD.

After hearing “cancer” and my name in the same sentence I began to BUCKET LIST things I want to do before the dragon ate me instead of the other way around. This BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) list took years to fully develop, but here it is:

Done – Ride a bicycle across America (Martin’s Ride To Cure Cancer).

Done – Create a Cure Cancer Store where every purchase helps cure cancer.

Done – Create one of the first crowdfunding cancer research websites ( working with great cancer research institutions like the two that saved my life (Duke and UNC).

Cancer teaches so many lessons.

One lesson the Big C teaches is there is NO ONE ELSE. There is YOU, your friends, your family and your doctors and caregivers and that team is what stands between you and whatever is next. The interesting part of this “no one else” lesson is that is ALWAYS the case.

We always have everything we need to do anything we want.

WE are the holdup. We imagine and then defer. Once deferring seemed robbed life changed. Let’s change the world together NOW, today, this moment. We might only change it a little. We might only change how cancer research is funded a little.

Our tiny change may only speed up the cure for cancer a little, but “a little” means a lot to 14M Americans like me living with cancer today. TIME is the magic gift you make when deciding to get involved, help, assist and donate. You are giving me the gift of TIME.

100% of your donation goes to cancer researchers. Atlantic BT and I are paying for this one as a “pay back” and “Pay forward”, so all money goes to doctors, researchers and great federally approved research centers (how we vet the research by requiring federal approval).

Let’s slay some dragons together, right now, today. Thanks to my friend and fellow dragon slayer Phil Buckley for creating this great Haiku Deck. Hope you can join us and we can slay dragons together.

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