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Five reasons to outsource your software development project.

There are many scenarios where it could make sense to outsource a software project. But first, let’s clarify the difference between outsourced development and offshore development.

You could outsource to an offshore firm. You could also outsource to a company in your backyard. In this post we are talking about partnering with a software development agency in your backyard, not overseas. 

Here are a few reasons outsourcing might be the smarter and easier route.

1. Your team lacks the technical skills needed for this project.

Although It would be convenient if all programmers had the qualifications to work on all projects, that’s far from reality. Each developer has a unique set of technical skills and experiences. You could have many highly-qualified and capable people on your team. But that does not guarantee that they are a good fit to build the kind of software you need at the moment. By turning to an outsourced team, you can find teams that specialize in exactly what you’re looking for. When you’re positive you’ll get the specific knowledge needed for the job, you lower your risk of missing deadlines and making mistakes.

2. A new project could derail your busy team.

In other cases, your software development team may have the right background needed for your project. But companies with in-house programmers usually have many ongoing needs. Your team may not have time in their schedule to give the project necessary attention and care.

Or maybe your team is focused on other features and don’t want to do the upkeep or grunt work on a new application. Adding a large job on top of existing duties can slow down work on critical tasks. It can also leave your new development project in a perpetual purgatory. On the other hand, let’s say your programmers do have the time to tackle the new project. Do they have expertise in using new tools? Buying necessary tools to complete a new project and training your software development team is costly.

3. You need the project finished on a tight deadline.

An outsourced programming team is your best bet when you need a new piece of software finished yesterday. They have the ability to devote a specific group of developers to the job and on your schedule. 

When you outsource a project, it is with the intent that the team you’ve hired focuses on your deadline. They’ll go to work knowing that time is of the essence and a vital part of making the project a success.

And let’s not forget about money as motivation. Your outsourced team is working under different financial parameters than your in-house programmers. Payment is dependent on a successful project completed on time.

Your in-house programmers are most likely salaried and not facing the same pressure. In other words, a vendor has more incentives to work at the pace you need than your salaried employees might.

4. You want an outsourced perspective on the project.

Deciding to outsource your software development project brings about many benefits, aside from providing you with extra hands to do the work. You also get the benefit of many years experience and a new perspective. Your vendor has, thus far, not been a part of the process. They weren’t in the same meetings. They can see the project through the lens of their own expertise, finding patterns over time. They know the causes of your pain and can help you avoid common pitfalls.Your vendor can also look at the merits and constraints of the job with a more critical eye. This allows them to ask better questions and give more productive feedback. The result will be a stronger app or piece of software. The project will not only meet your standards, they will exceed them

5. You need user experience perspective.

Let’s face it, software developers are great at writing code and all the fancy DevOps automation, but they often lack the necessary empathy to be critical of the user experience they are creating. A critical step to deliver a satisfactory UX will involve bringing in an outside team to provoke conversations. Have structured conversations around how the user interface and user experience are impacting the software and ultimately business value.Outsourcing software development can reduce stress.It’s always great to have your own team of trusted and talented programmers in your company, but you don’t have to rely on them for every project. In fact, letting a partner handle excess can create focus and boost employee happiness. We’re always game for any type of project thrown our way. Learn more about our process and reach out. We’d be glad to have a more in-depth conversation about your specific needs and what we can do to help.

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