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25K Mobile Grant Contest: Week 4 Spotlight Entry Goes To…

Congrats to Autism Society of North Carolina as our 4th & final mobile grant contest spotlight entry.

Who is Autism Society of North Carolina?

ASNC was founded in 1970 by a group of parents who were concerned about the lack of awareness, acceptance, and services for their children.  ASNC is the only autism-specific advocacy organization in North Carolina working to directly improve the lives of individuals and families affected by autism throughout the state. Our mission is to provide support and promote opportunities that enhance the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum and their families.

Addressing a growing problem

Like many disease-specific statewide organizations,  the majority of funds raised by ASNC go directly to families dealing with the struggles of autism.  With state funding dropping, successful community fundraising initiatives remain vital to offer continued support.   Peer to peer fundraising events are popular and successful at raising large amounts of money from supporters spanning all ages & incomes,  half of which religiously carry  smartphones.  A mobile solution could impact fundraising effectiveness tremendously.  

How would Atlantic BT’s 25K Mobile Grant be utilized?

“ASNC currently hosts five signature Run/Walk for Autism events throughout the state each year. Proceeds from these comprise a large portion of our budget.  Our largest and most financially successful Run/Walk is the Triangle Run/Walk for Autism.  Last year’s event raised more than $240,000 to support programs in North Carolina’s autism community. We would utilize the Atlantic BT Grant to develop a mobile app that would enable us to grow our fundraising to those with smartphones. 

Our Run/Walk websites are hosted on the Blackbaud Sphere platform, which works well on a PC.  However, the experience is not optimal for mobile devices. This grant would allow us to create a mobile interface that promotes engagement and integrates with our database seamlessly.   Our initial goal would be to increase team building, runner participation, and donations for Raleigh’s walk, eventually offering mobile app functionality for all Run/Walk events.”

Mobile Strategy Assessment

Peer to Peer fundraising event platforms are perfect tools to mobilize.  Participants who can fundraise seamlessly via their smartphones will raise more money, more quickly with mobile apps & mobile optimized pages.  Today’s technology enables companies like ours to build mobile extensions of today’s robust content management and fundraising platforms.  Strategies like this ensure fundraising growth & more sustainable nonprofits.

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