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Network Security Monitoring Demands Your Attention Now

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Keeping data safe has always been critical. But as threats continue to increase, as well as the scope of the damage and the impact it has on consumers, knowledge and vigilance must become habitual to any organization online. This month we’ll be sharing our experiences, the stories that have our attention, and plenty of advice on how to navigate the current world of cybersecurity.

Every Breath You Take by The Police is a disturbing song in every way but one. When applied to the context of cybersecurity, it makes a lot more sense. Your security systems should be watching everything within your network, around the clock. The best way to accomplish this is with a Security Operations Center (SOC). This program’s sole purpose in life is to protect your business operations and data. With the right approach, it’s the strongest tool at your disposal when it comes to Network Security Monitoring.

Throwing up a wall and hoping it will hold doesn’t cut it anymore in today’s world of cyberthreats. Far too often, we see cybersecurity dismissed as a “would be nice to have” bonus feature. But only if the budget allows for it. Or security measures appear at the end of a large project as an afterthought. The lack of concern and urgency surrounding data protection is flabbergasting. Tech titans, massive banks, and our own system of government fall victim to data breaches and hacking with alarming frequency. We must make the choice to be better and stronger.

Network Security Monitoring

At Atlantic BT, we partner with Arctic Wolf to provide our clients with a 24/7 fully managed SOC that we trust and believe in. The trust your consumers give you is tantamount to lasting brand success. An effective SOC establishes a dependable relationship between you and your clients. The respect you demonstrate for their personal information and intellectual property is evident. Clients can see that you value the safety of their data as much as you do your own. As we discuss the benefits of Network Security Monitoring and SOCs, don’t worry if you notice an increase in your heart rate. When faced with the reality of what the safety of your data is up against, palpitations are normal. Take a deep breath and keep moving forward.

As broad as it may sound, Network Security Monitoring is more than just a watchful gaze from above. It utilizes an SOC to consistently investigate every log transaction in your network. They’s on the lookout for potential threats and irregularities. Not only will it sound the alarm the instant it finds something nefarious, it will also alert a real live human being (a value unique to Arctic Wolf). Cybersecurity experts cannot recommend this practice enough. But before diving into why that’s true, let’s address one of the biggest factors companies use to balk on security.

The Cost of Safety

Cybersecurity is not cheap.

There. We said it. We’ve seen the strained looks on the faces of clients when they consider the costs of protecting their data. We know it’s not what anyone wants to hear. Alas, sometimes the truth hurts. And the truth here is that effective cybersecurity will cost you, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the financial strain of a data breach. 

The average cost of each stolen record of sensitive information is $148. If you run a law office, consider how many cases and clients you currently have. Perhaps you work for a university. How many students attend? Should a data breach occur, you can expect to dedicate around $148 for every single individual involved. And this is just the starting point. The Equifax breach price tag came in at a whopping $600 million in damages. That’s not a typo. That’s reality.

Cyberattacks are not going away any time soon. In fact, they’re on the rise. They will continue to be as we put more and more of our lives into computers and the internet. Effective security systems maintained by a team you can trust is an invaluable asset to your organization.

A Critical Need

Passivity, with regards to cybersecurity, is frustrating. It’s difficult for us to see a lack of concern from a client as they discuss the safety of their data. As each day brings more news of cyberthieves and their alarming success rate, few changes take place on the battleground. While you may have some security measures in place, there are many gaps and vulnerabilities in your system that lack protection.

SOCs are designed to seek out those cracks in the walls and advise the appropriate teams how to fill them in. Sophisticated attacks take advantage of every sliver of light. They hunt down non-compliant vulnerabilities. They take advantage of weaknesses missed in a complex infrastructure. SOCs never rest. They continuously ingest and correlate logs all day, every day to ensure no breaches are underway. They also simplify root cause analysis, quickly getting to the source. 

Visibility and Security

In order for every corner of your network to be properly protected, it first has to be seen and understood, inside and out. Network Security Monitoring is all encompassing. It’s a solution that provides in-depth insights for every part of your infrastructure. It also allows for the discovery of new devices as they join the network. The SOC accepts those that should be there and rejects suspicious activity. App servers, routers, and switches are all secured through SOCs.
A strong SOC will alert the organization and help minimize dwell time and downtime. It will be able to differentiate legitimate requests from malicious ones and act accordingly. The success of the SOC is largely owed to the amount of information it is able to gather on a regular basis. The more a security system can know about your network, the easier it is for it to be protected in a manner specific to your data. Likewise, knowing as much as possible about the exposure your network has to potential hackers, is a tool. It becomes easier for you to make stronger business decisions regarding security.

Safety First

SOCs are expensive yet necessary components of enterprises at any size. Building a team and developing the processes requires focus and effort. SOCs are time-consuming to operate as they cover every inch of an entire network. However, when looking at the big picture, the optimal solution is clear. Any mid-sized business can rely on the lower Total Cost of Ownership and Operational expense of a Managed Service

The security team at Atlantic BT is ready to answer any questions you may have concerning Network Security Monitoring. SOCs can strengthen and protect your organization’s data and IP. We want you to feel secure in the choices you make on behalf of the consumers you serve.

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