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April 20, 2012

National “Gives Back” Mobile Grant Contest Launches

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I”m excited to announce a first for Atlantic Business Technologies – perhaps a first for the web services industry!  We’ve embarked on a grant contest focused exclusively on leveraging mobile technology and mobile marketing to better society.    Submissions are already flowing in!

Today’s nonprofits, just like businesses,  must embrace and utilize mobile technology effectively to improve their bottom line.  Yet, unlike for-profits, whose primary goal is to turn a profit, nonprofits are about saving and enhancing lives – pretty much making the world a more awesome place.  Kind of important!

Mobile technology is most used for fundraising, right?

Fundraising is a huge part of how the mobile channel can help.  But engagement with new, would-be supporters is critical to sustained support.  What would you rather have,  a 1 time $10 gift in a pinch or  a life-long activist, turned volunteer, turned high net worth donor over the next several months?
That’s what I thought!

This $25,000 grant can be used for mobile strategy, mobile marketing, mobile technology services or a combination of all of them.  How will depend on who best tells their story on how mobile will better their mission.    Creations might include  mobile fundraising, mobile advocacy, branding,  mobile education, mobile health, volunteer management, the list is endless!

Our early entries include the following types of organizations:

  •  Environmental
  • International Relief
  • Animal Rights
We’d love to see more from these kind of folks:
  • The Arts
  • Health & Human Services Organizations
  • Advocacy Groups
  • Children’s Services
  • Disease-specific Organizations
  • Healthcare
  • Education

We encourage any and all nonprofits to apply – it’s very easy .  Stay tuned for next week when we unveil our first “Gives Back” Contest Spotlight Entry  and announce a date for our #ABTGivesBack Twitter Hangout!

We’ll also unveil our esteemed panel of judges who span all across the nation, and beyond!

Not quite ready to submit your killer mobile idea? You’ve got some time to think on it.
Join us on Facebook for fun & informative discussion to get those creative juices flowing.   Please be kind and share.  The more involvement we have the more learning will be had by all involved.   What are you waiting for?

capabilities covered
Amazon Web Services

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