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Mobile Marketing Now Says Tonia Zampieri

My Mobile Marketing Matters Now post on Halloween was scary, Atlantic BT’s new Mobile Marketer Tonia Zampieri explained patiently today. “But I talked Darwin, network effect and social media marketing,” I said stammering a little. All good, Tonia explained but not far or fast enough or with enough clear urgency for the mobile marketing tsunami Tonia has been surfing for the last several years. Here are just a few of the urgent factoids she shared:

* Nearly 50% of all mobile devices sold in the US are smartphones
* 6.8 million Christmas day iPhone, Android activations up 140%
* Mobile ads to $3.39 billion, the fastest growing online ad sector
* Half of all local searches are done on a mobile device
* By 2014 mobile outnumbers desktop Internet
* Americans spend 2.7 hours each day socializing on mobile devices

“Mobile tsunami is here then,” I said looking like a deer in bright headlights. “Yes,” Tonia said sharing more fascinating information about the “mobile generation”.

Who is the mobile generation I was tempted to ask. Who isn’t the mobile generation Tonia explained beating me to the punch. Tonia defines the mobile marketing opportunity broadly from teenagers to grandmothers. Who doesn’t have a phone? My favorite study, from the research group ForeSee, highlighted how buyer patterns were positively influenced by a company’s mobile apps and environment:

This report, looking at consumer habits during November and December last year, found shoppers satisfied with a brand’s mobile site or app were 54% more likely to consider the company next time making similar purchases. Same customers were 40% more likely to purchase from the company through a different source such as a store or website. (emphasis mine)

Tonia has spent the last several years pioneering use of mobile for charities and small to medium sized businesses. She created Tap-n-Give and launched the app into iTunes. You name it in mobile marketing and Tonia has done it from campaigns to content. She moved into the “resource” designation with numerous guest speaking engagements and sharing her knowledge as a guest blogger.

Want to hear Tonia riff on mobile marketing? Contact Tonia at Atlantic BT (Tonia.Zampieri(at)Atlanticbt(dot)com) or, if you are in South Carolina on Wednesday the 29th and are attending the South Carolina Association of Nonprofits (SCANPO) you can hear Tonia speak on Wednesday the 29th.

We are glad to have a dedicated mobile strategist of Tonia’s stature at Atlantic BT signaling Jon, Mark and the entire team’s belief in MOBILE MARKETING NOW.


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