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Are You Missing the Ultimate SEO Tool?

Business owners and executives often come to us for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What they almost always want is a number one position in Google’s rankings. But what if you could do better than that?
Strange as it may seem, you can move in front of the first listing on Google for a given search party. Not only that, you can do it quickly. You only have to be familiar with search engine snippets and quick answers.
You have seen and used these already. When Google is trying to help you answer a question, they give you the best match answers. Try searching for something like ‘chocolate cake recipe.’ Like magic, you’re presented with what you were looking for and ahead of the normal search results.
As a marketer, you can see how having your own snippets showing up in Google’s search listings could help. It could generate lots of traffic to your website. But, how can you draw those visits to your pages? We want to give you some tips you can use to improve your visibility through snippets and quick answers.

Keep Working on Your Organic SEO Campaigns

Most snippet and quick answer traffic flows towards websites already at the top. In fact, these sites are usually in the top three of Google’s search listings. Are search spiders crawling your site often? Then there’s a good change your quick answer content is at a high ranking.

Dig Deep into Your Frequently Asked Questions and Customer Conversations

Knowing what your customers are thinking about and searching for is essential. It’s the key to generating snippets on your website. Then you can develop content with the right subheadings and brief answers. Paragraphs are popular, but there are other types of content you can use. Tables and mathematical formulas, for example, are great. Especially if they are useful to the user.

Emphasize Natural-Language Text on Your Website

You won’t get snippet or quick answer traffic by following SEO rules from a decade ago. Repeating generic keywords again and again won’t cut it. Answer questions with natural-language text. You’ll be far more likely to attract views and visits, both by Google and its users.

Use Citations and Supporting Links When Appropriate

Credibility is a hot topic in SEO. Google likes search results with verifiable information. Quoting a study, fact, or statistic? Consider adding a footnote, citation, or even an outbound link to support your data. That could give you more authority than your competitors. Even better, it could also bring you more snippet traffic.

Ready to Put This Advice to Use?

Stop thinking about what you could do with a strong SEO campaign and act on these ideas.  Contact the creative team at Atlantic BT. We can put our experience to work for you.

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