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Why It’s Empowering to be a Proud AWS Public Partner

At Atlantic BT, we are dedicated to delighting our clients. It’s one of my favorite things about working here. This is more than just playing with a turnkey tool or service. We want every website, application, and hosting solution to make our clients’ lives easier. ABT is proud to be an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public Sector Partner. This distinction fits perfectly into our philosophy of delight for our government clients.

AWS GovCloud and Public Partnership

AWS provides cloud-based hosting and infrastructure for all kinds of organizations. GovCloud is their AWS region designed specifically for US government agencies on the local, state, and federal level. Because these government agencies have unique compliance and security requirements, GovCloud makes it easier to tailor cloud environments to meet these rules. In addition, AWS GovCloud was the first FedRAMP cloud. This means that Amazon has been leading in this space as long as the space has existed. There is no cloud provider safer and better than Amazon Web Services.

As cities and states prepare to become “smart” and already smart cities/states become smarter, consuming services in cloud environments like AWS is inevitable. AWS Public Sector Partners are Amazon’s certified vendors to set up and customize their cloud environments for government agencies and organizations. Earning this certification takes AWS experience and expertise. ABT is proud to be a part of this group of vendors. This recognition shows our commitment to helping all government entities make safe, sound decisions.

GovCloud adds flexibility for government agencies to engage with AWS terms of service. This is extremely important. While private companies are not allowed to deviate from any AWS terms, GovCloud permits public agencies to adjust pricing to best fit their budgets. It also has essential compliance and security rules built into its system. This ensures that public agencies keep sensitive information safe.

Enter Atlantic BT, AWS Public Partner

Being an AWS Public Partner gives ABT that same flexibility. We can work with the pricing and architecture needs of any public agency. Then we can deliver the best possible cloud environment for their needs. We also have five AWS-certified experts who architect cloud environments for private organizations, like Mutual Drug. This allows us to share private sector experience with our public sector clients. We can fine-tune their cloud environments with better functionality and performance. We’re already doing this work in our ongoing projects with NC government and look forward to more opportunities going forward.

How did we get here? It’s tempting to chalk up this success to simply choosing the right technology and capabilities to master, then applying these solutions to every opportunity that comes along. But the truth is, we got here because of the effectiveness and empathy of our team. How they creatively approach problems while collaborating with clients matters. To really delight clients, you need more than intelligence and expertise. You need a spirit of cooperation that listens closely to a client’s unique situation. That is the inspiration to design an inclusive process to craft, test, and optimize technology. The result makes everyone take joy in their new solution.

When it comes to technology and our capabilities, we’re essentially unlimited. I don’t say that to brag, but rather emphasize that any competitive cloud provider could learn to use AWS well. Cloud capabilities will continue to change as new tech comes out. It’s the processes and people here at ABT that make me really proud—and excited— about what we have to offer for public sector agencies. We’re happy to introduce them to the cloud.

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