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3 Reasons Your Magento Site Isn’t as Secure as You Think

Is your Magento eCommerce site secure? How do you know?

Without a code audit, you simply can’t be certain. All it takes is one unmaintained module, extension, or update, and your whole business is at risk. Making matters worse, anyone with an internet connection can find the weaknesses of your platform.

Skeptical? Try typing your website into Magereport. Any of the red security warnings on the results page can allow a cyberattack into your code. Still not worried about Magento security? Here are 3 reasons your eCommerce platform is at risk.

1. Security Breaches Happen All the Time

Security breaches aren’t rare. According to Experian and Identity Force,

  • In January 2016, FACC, an Austrian-based aerospace parts manufacturer, had $54.5 million stolen from them by hackers.
  • Just 2 months later, 700 current and former Snapchat employees had their personal information stolen through a phishing scam.
  • During an ongoing investigation of a data breach in June 2016, the fast food chain Wendy’s disabled some newly discovered malware while admitting “the number of franchise restaurants impacted by these cybersecurity attacks is now expected to be considerably higher than the 300 restaurants already implicated.”

Notice that those examples don’t even include the troubles Target has faced, the Equifax madness, or the recent Facebook bomb. Cyber attacks happen every day, and often owners don’t even know they’re happening. It’s not just big enterprises and major businesses—everyone is at risk.

2. You Have What Hackers Want

So what if you’re not a massive corporation? You’re not Wendy’s or Facebook—what are you really worried about? What do you have that any of these hackers could possibly want?

Two words: online payments.

Wherever there are online payments, that means there’s online account information. Think: why would someone hack a website? To make money. The easiest way to do that is to steal credit card information.

If you have weaknesses in your code, hackers could gain access to all of the accounts on your site. Without the right patches, someone can run a script that will scrape credit cards of every user. That’s your customer base. What do you think they’re going to do if they become victims of theft right after they use your website? They’re definitely not going to shop from you again. However, lost sales aren’t the only thing at risk.

3. You Could Lose Everything

If online theft goes unchecked, your company could be looking at a lawsuit. Companies are often sued for damage inflicted by the scraping. On top of that, online payment processors could pull out of your site. This could have a crippling result on your business.

That’s how high the stakes are. Forget the money you could lose from having poor performance; security issues could take away every cent you’ve ever made. So, why should you get a code audit? Your entire business could be at stake.

Take the Next Step in Securing Your Business

With a code audit, you get an itemized list of every weakness of your site in terms of performance and security. With a code audit, you get the means to protect your business and ensure that it grows. When you take that step, we also partner with you to find solutions to all of your security problems. To get started, contact us.

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