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Kind of BLUE: Why Blue Rocks Website Designs

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We all dream in color. Every design concept and sketch comes with some sort of color association. But what do those colors mean? What associations are we making just with that choice alone?

Marty Note
When you want to win online you understand the crowd and surf their wave. This is not to say you “sell out” or leave your beliefs or values in the dirt. It is to say smart Internet marketers watch their feedback loops like hawks and modify their brilliant plans with feedback from the mob and wisdom of crowds. Here is a USA Today poll showing favorite colors:

Blue: 44%
Green: 12%
Red: 11%
Black: 4%
Purple/Violet: 4%
Brown: 3%
Pink/rose: 3%
Beige/Tan: 2%
White: 2%
Grey: 2%
Yellow: 2%
Mauve: 2%
Fushia: 2%
Maroon: 2%

Let’s see we can use yellows and thrill NO ONE or find new ways to be blue. You know where I’m going (lol).
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