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Free Beer Is Never a Trivial Pursuit

Join Us for ABT Trivia This Thirsty Thursday

Register and enter your team now! Only 10 Spots available!

The tech industry isn’t about knowing everything—it’s about knowing what that the competition doesn’t. Just like any other competitive market, it’s about using information to separate yourself from the herd and make progress.

But it’s important not to let competition get in the way of community. That’s why Atlantic BT is hosting its first Trivia Night at its Thirsty Thursday party on June 2. The event will benefit two worthy causes by providing an opportunity for industry professionals to come together and enjoy some good food, craft beer, and of course, a little healthy competition.

“Nobody who’s ever been #1 has been perfect,” says Victor Short, Senior UX Strategist at ABT. “Being the best is about going above and beyond. It’s about raising the bar. That’s why I’m hitting these Jeopardy reruns so hard. Alex is going to guide me to victory. I can feel it.”

There is a $5–10 suggested donation per participant that will be split evenly between the Molly Ann Gries Foundation and the Legends for Lincoln King GoFundMe. Both of these causes were founded by families in the ABT community to benefit young children.

The Molly Ann Gries Foundation

Molly Ann Gries, whose uncle Matt Deal works as a Senior Digital Strategist for ABT, passed away in May 2015 from ‘positional asphyxiation’ just two months before her first birthday. Since then, Matt and his family have been organizing efforts to help prevent future tragedies like this.

“Losing your child is the worst possible thing a parent can go through,” says Meagan Gries, Matt’s sister-in-law and Molly’s mother, “Finding out it was preventable is just about unbearable. Since May 4th, it has become our mission to help other families avoid the same heartache we’ve suffered.”

The foundation recently partnered with Snuza to give away baby monitors and breathable-crib mattresses. They are also working on a collaboration with a local hospital to distribute a small children’s book that explains safe sleep, as well as some literature about their story and what their foundation does.

“We’re hoping that by sharing a personal story, people will realize that these things do in fact happen which is why it’s so important to take measures to reduce risks,” Meagen explains.

More information on the Molly Ann Gries Foundation can be found here.

Legends for Lincoln King

Lincoln King is another child who has had a significant impact on us here at ABT. Lincoln, who was diagnosed shortly after birth with Microcephaly and ‘Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum’, also known as ACC, suffers from frequent seizures and developmental disorders, but has an optimistic future.

Kendall King, Lincoln’s father and Senior Digital Strategist at ABT, says that a new diet, while strict and demanding, has lead to notable improvements in Lincoln’s condition.

“His medications and the ketogenic diet have significantly reduced the amount of seizures he has on a regular basis,” Kendall explains. “And when he has long periods without seizure activity we can really see improvements in his motor skill development. Every day has its challenges, but we’ve been blessed with a really great community. Friends and family have been with us in Lincoln’s corner since day one, and we couldn’t be more appreciative.”

More information on the Legends for Lincoln King GoFundMe can be found here.

Trivial Competition for Great Causes

“It’s important to do things for the right reasons,” says Allan Maule, Content Strategist at ABT and host of the Trivia Night event. “I don’t need much of an excuse to grill out, have a beer after work, and show off my useless knowledge, but knowing it’s to raise awareness for good causes makes running an event like this even better.”

So come join us and bring your whole crew! Entry is limited to 10 teams. Trivia participants can either come with a team of 3-6 people, or join a team once they arrive. And while participation in the trivia challenge isn’t required to enjoy free food and craft beer, we ask that you register ahead of time to ensure that everyone is provided for. Register today to reserve your spot!

Enter the Thirsty Thursday Trivia Night

Thursday, June 2, 5pm (Trivia begins at 6pm)

4509 Creedmoor Road, Raleigh (next to Crabtree Valley Mall)

Beer and food will be provided by Atlantic BT

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