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July 24, 2012

Is it Time to Future-Proof Your Business? (POLL)

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Amazon Web Services

“Future Proof” – I”ve been hearing that phrase thrown around quite a bit these days.  As a wanna-be futurist, not all that shocking, but get’s me to wondering what are the rest of you out there thinking?  Is your start-up or existing business ready to take on this new breed of business that’s emerging – or today’s consumer expectations?

Surely My Business is Safe!

Whether you sell ice to Eskimos, save the Eskimos habitat or make highly sophisticated training manuals for the Eskimos of the world – there’s no avoiding the fact that building and maintaining a successful business requires use, discipline and mastering of  technology.  Today’s technology.

A decade, heck even 5 years ago, having a great website to support well managed organizations that prided themselves on excellent customer satisfaction could go pretty far.  That was when sales calls were still “calls” – right?

Today’s Businesses Face a New Reality

Today’s technology has advanced to where websites should more aptly be called “Platforms” – where engagement with brands and with each other online is the new normal – even in business.  Where screen size (PC, tablet, mobile) is a huge fat question mark – yet you’d better be ready to have your business play nice with any of them.

Just  launching your own start-up (Congrats!)?
Perhaps Mr. Boss appointed you to handle strategy for mobile, social or website overhaul?

-I’d love to hear where your biggest priorities are as we blaze through the remainder of 2012.
I will share results of the poll in early August.
It will also help shape Atlantic BT marketing efforts, supporting our existing and future clients – clients we like to consider our business partners.


Which category best fits your business needs?

If you have all these areas covered, please make a comment below so we can connect.
I’d love to highlight your success and help others.

capabilities covered
Amazon Web Services

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