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Internet Summit Summary

Internet Summit Summary

A team of Atlantic BT web developers and Internet marketers attended last week’s Internet Summit at the Raleigh Convention Center giving it rave reviews.

Laying out our conference ROI arguments a light bulb went off. Share our notes for others who couldn’t attend and ask for input on stuff we may have missed. Crowdsoruce a summary of a very cool event.

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Internet Summit Summary Panel Picture
Atlantic BT Internet Summit NotesMartin Smith, Marketing DirectorKeynote Panel (Day 1 PM)

Morning Social Media Intensive Notes include….

  • Argyle Social Jill Carlson
  • Ignite Social Media’s Good Mood Gig
  • Cara Rousseu from Duke Admissions
  • Phil Buckley, CapStrat (Phil’s excellent talk prompted this profile)
  • Online Video (PM Sessions, way down the page)
  • Video Monetization
  • Live Streaming
  • Mike Relm (very cool and fun video editor)

Other Atlantic BT Note Takers

Daryl Hemeon, Senior Software Developer

Social Media Intensive (Day 1 morning Daryl as Johnny Dep as Hunter S. Thompson)

Mobile Presence (Day 1 afternoon)

Advanced SEO (Day 2)

To Design or Not, Marshall Brain’s Controversy (Day 2)

Virtualization, slinging data where needed (Day 2)

User Experience = Your Brand (Day 2)

Other #isum11 Summary Notes

Bill Slawski, SEO By The Sea, Presenter

The Integration of Social Media into Search

** Note: Heard Bill speak at Phil Buckley’s excellent SEO Meetup and he is SEO brilliant.

Internet Summit Summary
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Great Internet Summit Pictures from @SocialShark (Nathan Maxwell)
More Summit Photos From Nathan

Gary Vaynerchuk

TY Economy

Internet Summit

Thank You Economy by Vaynerchuk photo by Maxwell

Internet Summit Photo by Nathan Maxwell

Thanks Nathan (@SocialShark)!

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