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Internet Marketing Physics – See The EinstiJobs

Atlantic BT Think Like An Internet MarketerWhat Would Steve Jobs Do?

He would WATCH OUR PREZI / VIDEO on how to Think Like An Internet Marketer.

In the middle of the morning strange things happen. The office is so quiet it seems haunted. Lights start to move in ways reminiscent of college days and it is hard to stay in the white lines driving home. Certain western tribes took Peyote, danced around a fire until exhausted to see the future. Tribes knew how to party. Steve Jobs understood something only a few can or will ever. Steve Jobs, especially after his cancer diagnosis, knew the future always happens NOW. It takes uncanny nerve or nothing to lose to work backwards from the future. BTW, in the end no one has anything to lose, nothing of substance anyway. Substance stays, substance lives on as stuff fades fast.

As a fellow cancer survivor, and Steve was a cancer survivor considering he battled one of the most deadly cancers for years, I see a little of what Steve saw. I feel a little of what Steve felt. I see all of life is in every moment so this moment’s quality, authenticity, joy, magic and love IS your life. At this moment I write from the Atlantic BT Center in Raleigh about to work on a strategic plan. “Strategic plan” is too small. Any successful Internet marketing must be a hero’s journey. Marketing is too hollow to describe Steve Jobs straw to gold alchemy. Steve wasn’t a marketer. I’m a marketer. Steve was our Einstein, our EinstiJobs:

The EinstiJobs Thinks Like An Internet Marketer

Atlantic BT’s Internet Marketers / Company Founders / Wizards = Physicists List

Einstein = Steve Jobs (Apple computer Founder and world changer)

Stephen Hawking = Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder and the creator modern arbitrage network selling infinite inventory so a close second to Jobs)
Heisenberg = Sean Parker (Napster’s lamented Founder)
Neils Bohr = Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder)

Richard Feynman = Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn founder)
Robert Oppenheimer = Jerry Yang (Yahoo founder because of the “I’ve become the destroyer of worlds” thing)

Newton = Gordon Moore of Moore’s Law fame (Intel founder)
Galileo = Jack Kilby, inventor of the integrated circuit at Texas Instruments

Feel free to disagree with these characterizations, write and supply your own (will pick them up into this post)

Watch our Prezi on What Would Steve Jobs Do? How to think like an Internet marketer (or a close approximation thereof :).

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