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Internet Marketing Meetup At Atlantic BT Raleigh 10-25

Atlantic BT’s First Meetup
Imagine pulling out of Macy’s at Crabtree Valley Mall onto Creedmoor road. Looking up you see a distinctive blue marble with white stripes resting on top of a three story building across the street. “Atlantic BT,” you read mumbling slightly to an empty car as you turn, “wonder what they do.” It is easy to tell Atlantic BT’s story of dramatic growth in web development and Internet marketing, but better to show and share. Please join us for our first Internet Marketing Raleigh Meetup next Tuesday October 25.

Internet Marketing Meetup Event Details

JOIN and RSVP: Internet Marketing Relativity on

Where: Atlantic BT office, 3rd floor, 4509 Creedmor Road, Raleigh, NC 27612  PH: 919.518.0670 ext. 130

When: Tuesday, October 25 at 6:30 PM

Dinner? Yes Atlantic BT is buying pizza and drinks

Who Should Attend? Anyone interested in learning about Internet marketing, ecommerce, business to business online marketing, social network marketing, cause marketing and email marketing (along with other Internet marketing topics we want to discuss).

Meeting Structure: Short presentations followed by brainstorms, questions, sharing resources, ideas and networking. Meetings will last about two hours (give or take).

What If I don’t Know Much About Internet Marketing? Then you will know more after next Tuesday October 25. This isn’t a Master Class, but we will be asking experts to share their knowledge because we are smarter together than alone especially in such a swiftly moving business as Internet marketing.

First Meeting Topic: Infinite Inventory – Why Amazon Dominates Ecommerce
Our first meetup will include a 30 minute presentation by Martin Smith, Atlantic BT Director of Marketing, on a term he coined in 2008 to describe’s ecommerce dominance. Infinite inventory is why Amazon will be the first website with a billion pages in Google creating a powerful search engine marketing (SEM) engine tuned with algorithms and dominant in ecommerce. Amazon may be LARGE and IN CHARGE, but there are ideas and techniques any web site or Internet marketer can borrow, adapt and deploy to make more money, increase traffic and site engagement.

Host: Martin Smith
After starting my career with P&G and M&M/Mars I’ve worked in ecommerce and Internet marketing building my first B2B and B2C site in 1998. I’ve started four companies including the nonprofit Cure Cancer Store foundation (please LIKE on Facebook), a 501c3 scheduled to launch in January 2012. I write about startups for Technorati and know many Triangle Internet marketers from @ScentTrail and the ScentTrail Marketing blog. My email is Martin.Smith(at)AtlanticBT(dot)com.

Everyone at Atlantic BT looks forward to meeting you at an Internet Marketing Meeting in Raleigh soon.

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