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Internet Marketing Goes Mobile – Join The Revolution

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The Death of Free Time

No one stares longingly out into a blue sky anymore. We are head down and typing on smart phones, tablets and laptops. We don’t wait on lines. We may be on a line but waiting is OUT. Waiting is so disco. We are head down living in our phones as Baristas cook up energy in a glass so we can type faster. The ubiquitous “always on” mobile, social, shopping web is here.

Is Your Company Social, Local And Mobile (SoLoMo)?

Smart phone penetration at 50% is a clear, “The tipping point is behind us,” signal. Smart phone penetration in the US reached 50% months ago. If you don’t know location based apps like FourSquare, Highlight, Glancee and Banjo you will. These “who is here” social apps promote “check-in” competitions and create virtual community instantly no matter where you are.

I can hear the, “Who cares,” as I write. Bet you and your company are going to care if you want MORE people to know about and engage with your company. Don’t think of this new generation of GPS based apps running on smart phones as frivolous. Think of SoLoMo as social shopping, social commerce. Now you see it right? Now you see how the death of free time and your customer’s ability to create a tribe instantly and anywhere around anything changes everything.

Blow Up Your Strategy NOW

I’ve been an Internet marketer for more than 12 years and a rebel my whole life. I know how CHANGE of this magnitude is welcomed. Ever see that old Frankenstein, the black and white one, where the villagers are out with pitchforks and torches looking to kill the Monster?  Been there, done that and have run from the villagers.

Don’t run from the mobile revolution, join it.

Yeah, but we are B2B is one of my favorite denials of the future. Great, happy for you and I am a cancer survivor. Glad to meet you now please tell me why being a B2B business is important to anything. I was a B2C Director of Ecommerce and startup entrepreneur for ten years. I moved over to the agency and so B2B side almost year ago. I kept hearing how different B2B is than B2C. Not so much as it turns out.

Sure B2B sales has a longer sales cycle, but tactically I don’t see any difference. We could argue about how the longer sales cycle changes tactics but to what end, to what benefit. The things that motivate B2C buyers such as:

  • Trust
  • Emotional Investment
  • Faith
  • Love

Call me crazy but these ideas seem pretty important to every Small Business Owner I’ve talked with since joining Atlantic BT. You want your customers to love your company and brands or just like you some? The first real battle is just getting noticed above the NOISE and LOVE is the best weapon I’ve found to do that since our new Internet marketing world is based on how much OTHERS love you, your company, products and ideas. If you suck, are mean and stupid, well good luck with that. Send me a post card from Hell.

Mobile Monster About To Eat Your Business

Your company, brand and personal future rides on a phone, a pad and a laptop. Willie Sutton may not have said he robbed banks because that is where the money is, but I’m saying GO MOBILE NOW because that is where the engagement and attention is. It doesn’t matter how removed you think your little thing over here way out in the north forty of nothing is and so it can’t or won’t be mobile, you are wrong.

Everything is or will be mobile. Mobile isn’t a device. Mobile is a revolution, a movement. A movement you WILL join it is simply a question of time. Personally, I like to join movements, revolutions, early because here are just some of the benefits I’ve realized by joining revolutions early:

  • Get the best seats at the table.
  • Easier to become an authority.
  • Meet cool revolutionaries and form a support system.
  • View is more forest and trees as time goes on the view will become trees only.
  • Life is easier and harder in the beginning.

That last bullet can be confusing. Life is easier in the beginning of any revolution because no one knows nothing. We are forming the “rules” of mobile as I write this, so “wide open” or “Wild West” is a good description for the early stages most revolutions and the mobile revolution is no exception.

What revolutions have you been among the first at the table on? A fair question. Visit my LinkedIn profile,  Martin Marty Smith, to see details, but here are three recent revoluitons:

  • PCs – bought my first PC in 1984.
  • Web – Created my first ecommerce site in 1999.
  • Social – Pulled a PR5 on @ScentTrail in 2008 and was convinced social mattered.

Re-Think Everything For Mobile Or You Are Toast

I stole that headline from TechRepublic, but my stealing it doesn’t lessen its truth. “Where is the ROI in mobile,” is another favorite revolution denial. Honestly I have no idea where the return on investment is in mobile yet, and I don’t care. I know it is coming and I get ON trains I don’t watch them roll by.

It’s all good. Come in, grab a seat, put the beret on and turn up the Wailers. We are Buffalo Soldiers in the heart of America fighting for survival.


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