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The World of Institutional Web Design and How to Live There

At Atlantic BT, we are leaders in the field of Institutional Web Design. New clients sometimes ask about this phrase; Institutional Web Design. They are curious. What does it mean and how is it different from other forms of web development?
The short answer is this. Institutional Web Design involves building websites for large organizations. These could be corporations, universities, or even governmental departments. The budgets and proposals are large and complicated. So are the technical and creative requirements. This sets the web design process apart from that of a small business site. There are more considerations to juggle and organize.
In the case of Institutional Web Design, “bigger” doesn’t mean adding more pages and content. It’s about managing a complex development process from the very beginning. The initial concept will lead to a web presence that is functional and secure. It will also align with the group’s ultimate goals. We’ll be there every step of the way.
It’s always helpful to look at the big picture. Here are a few reasons Institutional Web Design is a unique specialty.

There are Many Different Stakeholders

A website built for any large company is going to have many different user groups. To make things even more interesting, few will overlap. There are customers, students, citizens, and shareholders to consider. Additionally, the website might need special features for members, faculty, or even management.
Each of these user groups is going to have different needs and priorities. Generating a finished project that works for everyone is a big challenge. On top of that, there is the organizing of content. Every piece of content must be accessible and straightforward. It’s a lot to take on. Especially if you aren’t accustomed to working with large-scale web development.

More Than One Outcome Matters

Most small business owners have one goal in mind when they hire someone to design a website. They want to get more leads or sell more products and services. Their website is an extension of their existing sales and marketing efforts.
But, at the institutional level, web design takes on other dimensions. Less tangible goals come into play. Public awareness or employee development can be important secondary priorities. This requires a bit more subtlety from a web design team. They must also have a firm understanding of what the client wants to achieve. The measurable outcomes are important. In this case, though, there are goals that have an impact that exist. You can’t measure them with hard numbers. But, they still need to have value to the whole team. Rather than looking for a quick fix, web designers are playing the long game.

Institutions Have Existing Content and Branding to Consider

Small business owners can begin their web design projects with a blank slate if they choose. They could carry over existing logos and text from a previous website or marketing piece. But their branding isn’t likely to see any damage done from the shift. If small elements change or something vanishes along the way, all will be well.
For institutions, existing brand value might be extensive. Other campaigns that don’t involve a website could be ongoing. And, there could be a great deal of preservable content that needs to survive the journey to a new website. So, there has to be a strategy to integrate from one web presence to another. It must incorporate existing brand elements. Also, it has to keep any disruption to current users at a minimum.

Need Help With Institutional Web Design?

If you need help building a website for a large organization, why not turn to the experts? Contact Atlantic BT in North Carolina today to schedule a consultation. See how we can use our skills and experience to bring your vision to life.


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