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How to count your WordPress Plugins

As you may have noticed, we’ve been working on sharing some WordPress plugins with the community.  I like to check our profile page occasionally to see how our plugins are doing – download stats, forum posts, that sort of thing.

Like any other programmer, I also want to be able to say “Look!  All (y)our plugin are belong to us and have been downloaded X number of times!”  But the more plugins we write, the harder it is to figure out the total downloads, since they’re listed individually.

Enter javascript console:

var sum = 0;
var $o = $(o)
, text = $o.text()
, count = parseInt( text.replace(‘ downloads’, ”).replace(‘,’, ”) )
sum += count;
var msg = ‘Total Downloads for User: ‘ + sum;
alert( msg );

Voila! Bragging rights made easy!

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