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How To Become a GREAT Email Marketer By Christmas [Pictures]

Email Marketing Go Great Or Go Home

We Internet marketers are about to walk into a Texas hail storm of email marketing. I grew up in Texas, and you can feel the air change before the dark clouds, hail and those twisting black shapes roar up out of the plains. The hair on the back of your neck literally stands up. The hair on my neck is standing up now because email marketing works, and so we Internet marketers are doing our best to kill it like a snake.

We are trying to kill email marketing with LOVE, but it will be dead nonetheless. Responsible and Great email marketing requires:

* List segmentation, relevant messages.

* Personas, so you know what stories to tell to whom.

* Great Campaigns, Creative and Offers.

* Values – express who you really are at all times.

Read more on what great email marketing needs:

Email Marketing Is Live Ammunition

Become A Great Email Marketer By Christmas

1. Hire Bronto
My first advice, if email is more than 5% of your top-line, is hire Bronto. I’ve used every tool from Constant Contact to Responsys, and Bronto is the best. I don’t have a dog in this hunt other than a desire to help save you time, money and pain. Bronto is here in Durham, so I know and like them. My recommendation is based on 12 years of Internet marketing experience, more than $30M in sales and the highest margin of that $30M coming from email marketing (by almost 2x). ( )

2. Buy Managing Content Marketing, a book by David Rose
My second recommendation, and again I have NO dog in this hunt, is to read David Rose’s Managing Content Marketing. If you are already a segmentation and persona wizard, then go right to Sally Hogshead’s site and refine your skills by taking her F-Test. If you aren’t a segmentation wizard yet (you will be), read Managing Content Marketing:

Managing Content Marketing Book

3. Look At Email Marketing That SUCKS  [PICTURES in PDF]
– Jim Davidson, Bronto’s Researcher, “Email Menagerie” Report is a MUST read.

Mid-Month Email Menagerie ( PDF )

Jim Davidson, Bronto’s Research Director, creates a monthly summary of the 4,000 emails he monitors, a MUST READ. This month’s summary shows:

  • Behold The Fold (ignore the fold at your peril).
  • Promotions, Processes and Peeves (STORY not just SALE).
  • Composition – 5Ws :Who, What, When, Why, What.
  • Animation Station – abuse of the moving images.

Internet marketing requires a lot these days. Video, cause, content and social marketing are all important, but if you want to increase the money you take to the bank THIS CHRISTMAS, there is only one sure way:



Summary & Next Steps

Email marketing is critical to your bottom line because:

* Email profit margins are HIGH.
* Great Is The Only Currency Now.
* Be the best or go home.

Support becoming a great email marketer with the full complement of social, cause, video and whatever Internet marketing, but if you want to drop a new million bucks or 2 or 3 to your bottom line, there is NOTHING more of a sure bet than improving your email marketing.


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