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April 11, 2016

How Magento Imagine Inspires Us

capabilities covered
Magento eCommerce Integrations Shopify

A Recap from Atlantic BT

Companies attend the Magento Imagine conference for many reasons. Atlantic BT came to learn. We wanted to hear the latest ground-breaking strategy for eCommerce, find out how different digital leaders aspire to change the online marketplace, and connect with forward-thinking companies to learn their big ideas.

This recap represents our best efforts to share what we learned during the 3-day event. This post features our favorite moments and ideas from Magento Imagine 2016.


Twitter Updates 4/11:

As your eCommerce site grows, more integration maybe be needed. Magento 2 makes this easier #MagentoImagine – @WeJobes

All extensions written for Magento2 are written for varnish. – @AntonKril  #MagentoImagine #deepdive – (RT by @CRDuffy)

Hooray. Varnish Cache is default installed in Magento 2.  – (RT by @CRDuffy)

Don’t use “best” “optimal or “fastest” in your user stories @SteveAtMagento – (RT by @CRDuffy)

Make sure that user stories cover the admin functionality – @SteveAtMagento #MagentoImagine – (RT by @CRDuffy)

Requirements: Functional, Integration, Infrastructure.  @steveatmagento “a lot of people skip over the infrastructure” #MagentoImagine – (@ABTProctor)

Front loading discovery reduces the need for freakout testing a week before launch – @SteveAtMagento #MagentoImagine – (@ABTProctor)

Build technology from a marketers perspective, not from a developers perspective – Drew Pearson of @LewkOfficial #magentoimagine – (@ABTProctor)


Twitter Updates 4/12:

30% of transactions on PayPal were mobile transactions last year.  Very significant number #MagentoImagine – (@CRDuffy)

Dimension specific customer segmentation #MagentoImagine – (@CRDuffy)


Key takeaways for importance of site performance #MagentoImagine – (@CRDuffy)



It’s the same code. If you can do it in M2EE, you can do it in Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition.  – (RT by @WeJobes)

Default integrations with new relic and is definitely a nice touch for the PaaS offering #MagentoImagine – (@CRDuffy)

eCommerce Sites are like custom buildings – @robtull Keys to a successful magento project #MagentoImagine – (@ABTProctor)


Twitter Updates 4/13:

Magento 2.1, the first feature release for Magento 2, comes out in June. – (@WeJobes)

Crazy performance improvements from Magento 1 to Magento 2 with varnish @JoshuaSWarren #MagentoImagine – (@ABTProctor)


For our future conference insights and Twitter updates, follow our official Atlantic BT account: @AtlanticBT 


capabilities covered
Magento eCommerce Integrations Shopify

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