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How Giving Changes Us, Triangle Cares For Sandy Hook

Triangle Cares For Sandy Hook

What: Benefit For Sandy Hook Event

When: February 27th, 6-9 pm

Where: Downtown Raleigh’s Tir Na nOg Irish Pub 218 S Blount St

Website: (100% of donations go to Sandy Hook victims)


Why I Gave Money To Triangle Cares For Sandy Hook

Money is a poor proxy for love or support, but it creates a meaningful exchange. Some love and support even via a poor proxy is better than none. When the monster of senseless chaos visits we use money as a proxy exchange.

We give money to:

  • Share our hearts.
  • Reestablish meaning and order in the face of meaningless chaos.
  • Make a statement, a vote really, for GOOD over EVIL.
  • Because we can.
  • Because giving changes US.

Because Giving Changes Us

I spent yesterday signing my life savings into the Elizabeth Martin and Duncan Smith Story of Cancer Trust. I could be bitter about saving for a “retirement” that thanks to having leukemia is unlikely, or I can give money as a proxy for love.  I help others and in so doing help myself.

Time is much too valuable to spend being bitter. I’m an Internet marketer. The web only has one direction, forward and one speed, faster. Turns out that is a good way to live one’s life.

I am not Eckart Tolle. I always write braver and more generous than I am (lol), but I give because it helps create connection and find meaning even when there is no “meaning” and we will never be able to understand.

Triangle Cares is the pure essence of the give. 100% of money raised is headed to ease, to whatever tiny degree, the void chaos created in Sandy Hook. We know “the monster”. The monster has many names such as cancer, hurricanes and random acts of violence. Sometimes the monster touches us.

In the moment when things we fear come to steal our life, love and belief, there is only one way to survive – with kindness and love from friends and family. Even if we never meet or know those who support and love us when the monster comes we know we are not alone. I gave money, a poor proxy for love, to Triangle Cares for Sandy Hook because giving allowed me to touch the face of God.

Donate To Triangle Cares For Sandy Hook 

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