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Holy Blisters, Batman! Kicking off Halloween Season at ABT

A ghost carrying a pumpkin in a basket

Atlantic BT is kicking off spooky season with an unusual lunch and learn! On Wednesday, October 16th, employees got the chance to gross themselves out by learning special effects makeup techniques. The special effects makeup ranges from burns and boils to deep cuts.

Atlantic BT puts together this highly-requested lunch and learn every year. Employees agree that having some theater experts on staff has its perks!

“My favorite blood and guts so far is the one where we did bloody knuckles on our hands. It was just so realistic and disgusting looking! When I sent a snap of it to my friends, my girlfriend called me believing I was in an actual medical emergency situation.”
– Jorma Pelto, Web Hosting Engineer

“I liked the ‘peeled-back hand’ one the best. I remember thinking how doing something so simple as putting a piece of yarn on your hand can turn into something so realistic and gross. I also liked this year’s, because it was by far the grossest. It’s oddly fun trying to gross yourself out with makeup.”
– Dan Sweet, Senior .NET Developer

This year’s gory lesson was making blisters and boils. Employees used a mixture of hot glue, liquid latex, and makeup to make a nasty, stomach-curtling concoction.

“My goal of the lunch and learn today was to create something that looked real enough to upset my coworkers who were too squeamish to attend.”
– Chris Duffy, Application Architect

While the lunch and learn is pretty gruesome, it is always looked forward to by our employees, as is the rest of the Halloween season. Coming up during the rest of October is a pumpkin spice cooking competition, Halloween Trivia, pumpkin carving, and a costume contest.

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