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Guide to E-Commerce: Usability, Upsell, Cross-sell, & Conversion

The Guide to E-Commerce is a complete resource that talks about ways to engage your website visitors, stimulate interest in your products, improve the checkout process, and engage in other marketing tactics that will help promote your products.

Guide to E-Commerce: Part I

  • Product Categories
  • Search/Sort Functionality
  • Product Photos
  • Product Descriptions

Guide to E-Commerce: Part II

  • Sell-ups
  • Cross-sells
  • Product Comparisons
  • Customer Reviews/Ratings

Guide to E-Commerce: Part III

  • Checkout Process
  • Timely Offers/Incentives
  • Seasonal Product Offerings

Guide to E-Commerce: Part IV

  • E-mail Marketing
  • Mobile Alerts
  • Gift Cards
  • Affiliate Programs

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