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Giant Slingshot Unveiled at Local Tech Outfit. Havoc Ensues.

One Man’s Revenge Is Another Man’s Donation

How often do you get to launch water balloons at your boss with an industrial-strength slingshot while dozens of your co workers cheer you on? Factor in a megaphone for hurling insults at one another, some craft beer, food fresh off the grill, and a couple of good causes to benefit from the proceeds and you’ve got a recipe for success.

Last Thursday that became a reality. Atlantic BT Founder and CEO Jon Jordan’s homemade slingshot—more similar to a ballista than anything else—reigned watery doom down upon those brave enough to welcome it. And, although accuracy was abysmal, the handful of balloons that found their target were immensely satisfying.

“Getting balloons tossed at me was a blast… at least while everyone was missing! Getting hit was a different story,” said Eric Lloyd, ABT’s Senior Solutions Account Executive and the first participant to get hit with a balloon. “But it’s easy to offer up that temporary sting for such a great cause. It was well worth it.”

Twelve ABT employees volunteered to act as sitting ducks and guests responded by launching hundreds of balloons their way.

Mostly from balloon sales, ABT was able to raise just under $550 that will go to the Molly Ann Gries Foundation and the Legends for Lincoln King GoFundMe. This jumps the total funds raised up to $2,374, closing in on the $3000 goal set at the beginning of the Thirsty Thursday series earlier this year.

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