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Four “Gives Back” Finalists Move Closer to $25,000 Mobile Grant

July Fourth is the celebration of our freedom and independence in America.  Sure, we’ll go see our fireworks, light our sparklers, grill that ribeye or burger at the pool or beach, maybe hit up a local parade.

Atlantic BT has much to celebrate during this holiday.    Our Raleigh-based office, swarming with innovators and visionary leadership, is the reason we’re now a 60+ person firm, and growing.  we’ve evolved beyond a company that builds great websites, to offering expertise in  Design, User Experience, Software Development, Business & Marketing Strategy, and most recently, Mobile.  Combine our comprehensive approach with our culture and we stand out (we hope) in a good way!

Atlantic BT Celebrates Innovation

As innovators and community-minded people,  we decided to kick-off a first:   A grant contest open to any US-based nonprofit with a chance to win a $25,000 Atlantic BT grant to be used for mobile strategy, technology and marketing services.

Atlantic BT “Gives Back” Finalists Emerge

On this July 4th holiday, we’d like to celebrate with the 4 passionate nonprofits whose hard work and energy awarded them one of  the finalist spots!  41 entries, 9 semi-finalist videos  and 11, 697 voters later, we announce the nonprofits moving on for a shot at the $25,000 Mobile Grant Grand Prize:

Two finalists are Triangle-based nonprofits, Passage Home and Cornucopia Cancer Support Center , while the remaining two, Cat Adoption Team and California Coalition for Youth, hail from the west coast.

Please join us in congratulating these forward thinking organizations!

But only one nonprofit will be awarded the $25,000 Grant.  Who will it be?  It all comes down to next Thursday, July 12th, live in Raleigh or via live feed on Google+ Hangouts.

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