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Fight Colorectal Cancer Featured Mobile Contest Entry

With a tagline like ‘Get behind a cure’ you can’t help but giggle when you hear it’s for the nonprofit,  Fight Colorectal Cancer , our spotlight entry of the week. What’s not a laughing matter is that it’s the second leading cancer killer in the US.

You can likely ass-ume why.  Stigmas still exist for less talked about parts of our anatomy.

All joking aside,  Fight Colorectal Cancer was created to give a voice to this killer.  The leading colorectal cancer advocacy organization in Washington, DC, FCC empowers survivors to raise their voices, trains country-wide advocates, and educates lawmakers who can push for better policies.

FCC also supports patients, family and caregivers and serves as a resource and collaborator for these groups, medical providers, advocacy groups & healthcare providers.

So how could mobile strategy and mobile technology help this cause?

Leadership shared thoughts on how mobile could help elevate discussion & support, thus lowering the incidence of colorectal cancer:

“Establishing a mobile million strong army would move the proverbial needle by making it easy for people to connect, to learn and take action. We want to take mobile to new levels in the areas of Healthcare, Research and not to fear Colorectal Cancer by extending not only our call to action but how the public can make a difference and learn.” ~ Michael Sola, Operations

We commend Michael and other nonprofit leaders who understand how quickly mobile technology adoption is growing and thus how important building a mobile strategy is to remain a healthy nonprofit.

NO MORE EXCUSES.  That’s my answer for the following:

  •  no budget
  • no time
  • not necessary yet

If you need a good read to help flip that way of thinking, I highly recommend Switch by the Heath brothers.

Another step in the right direction?  Apply for our 25K mobile grant by May 18th!  Full details with a brief video can be seen here.  Top 12 semi-finalists win individual mobile strategy sessions.

Check out last week’s Spotlight entry for more inspiration or follow our Facebook page  discussions where voting will take place starting June 4th!

One last piece of advice?  If you’re over 50 – get screened for colorectal cancer!  

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