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Evaluating Web Design Companies – 5 Disruptive Ideas

Evaluating Atlantic BT

Atlantic BT is an idea as much as a company. We know your project, no matter what it is, will need to disrupt existing competitors since every business segment is a “red ocean” of furious online competition. Instead of evaluating Atlantic BT in traditional ways (award winning design, SEO, customer service), this post suggest 5 new “disruptive” ideas to consider when searching for a web and software design partner.

* Tech Agnostic, Solution Focused.
* Innovative Process Engineering (like CQS).
* Magic of Place.
* Spirit.
* Understanding.

If your web or mobile application needs any of the 5 disruptive ideas listed call us at 919.518.0670 #6.

We look forward to hearing about your project.

Disruptive Idea #1: Tech Agnostic, Solution Focused

We are “agnostic” to a project’s “how”. With more than 80 programmers, Internet marketers, graphic designers and project managers coming to work at the Atlantic BT Center daily we can program a project in any system. Instead of forcing round peg problems into square holes we customize solutions to fit customer online marketing and mobile communications needs.

You want a company to be tech agnostic and solution focused.

We pull ideas from a vast “application archive” created since our 1998 founding.  Chances are good we’ve built something similar since our designs span everything from fast minimal viable products (MVPs) websites for startups to redesigns for million dollar ecommerce platforms on Magento or .Net. Being one of the largest web and software development firms in the southeast means diversity of solution and thinking protects your project.

Diversity protects your project’s ability to scale and evolve. Diversity is a CSF (Critical Success Factor) to developing “mission critical” web or software projects to disrupt and generate return.

Disruptive Idea #2: Innovative Process Engineering

We agree with Dov Siedman’s book How: Why How You Do Anything Means Everything. Process matters in creating great websites and mobile applications. From our GoTo Timer to Continuous Quality Score (CQS) our dedication to innovative process engineering and creative project management is clear. Our “Agile” project management process defines who did what and our Continuous Quality Score provides feedback used during all company “stand up” meetings every Friday, meetings that inspire and motivate. Innovative process engineering is proof a web and software design company can innovate on your dime.

Disruptive Idea #3: Magic of Place – Atlantic BT Center

We believe in the magic of “place”.  Bringing a company together in the same place daily is a valuable “throwback” idea. Atlantic BT team members create unique community every day at the Atlantic BT Center (across from Macy’s Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh).

Many companies outsource large portions of projects. We prefer to “hire in” expertise needed. We ask these “deep category experts” to come together, teach, learn and improve because knowledge transfer takes place in many unplanned and unanticipated ways. Casual conversations in the hall or thoughts over lunch can make a difference. Some benefits created by being in the same building email and Skype will never replicate.

Disruptive Idea #4: Spirit

Spirit may be the most important aspect of “fit” between two companies where one seeks services provided by the other.  Atlantic BT likes challenge. We hire people comfortable in the deep end of the pool because they’ve been there before and may have had to learn to swim again and on the fly.  Much like our home city of Raleigh, NC, we are scrappy, confident and growing.

Our 5th Inc. 5000 award (2013) as one of America “fastest growing companies” helped Atlantic BT achieve something less than 10% of Inc. 5000 accomplish. Getting on the Inc. 5000 list is an accomplishment. Staying on the Inc. 5000 list for five years straight is almost impossible. Winning a “growth race” is more meaningful when combined with Atlantic BT’s second year as a Triangle Business Journal Best Places To Work.

Toss in an “Best In The Triangle” award for web and software design and Atlantic BT’s creative “can do” spirit is present and accounted for.

Disruptive Idea #5:Understanding

Web design companies pitch on three to five key ideas such as “award winning design”, “customer satisfaction” or “SEO expertise”. All important ideas, but how relevant is the past to your project? Your project is happening NOW and will be launched into the web of tomorrow.

We suggest thinking like Venture Capitalists (VC) when evaluating web and software design firms. VC invest in teams not widgets. Widgets change, VC know TEAM is where return lives. Hire a team who sees your project’s dimensions, opportunities and possibilities. Hire a team who understands something that, at its core, can never be fully understood – websites and Internet marketing.

The web is changing even as you read this. We’ve learned the folly of trying to collar the web. Better to float on a board capable of surfing any wave. We could match competitors in any static measurement, but we suggest adding new dimensions to your evaluation. We aren’t the only web design firm who can surf the web’s new waves, but no wave scares us and we match our ability to understand, change and create ROI against anyone.

That said, we also know Atlantic BT isn’t a perfect fit for every project.

Recently we referred a very cool project, The Give Guide, to a great competitor in Hillsborough. Why give up such a cool project? Part of “understanding” is knowing when a project can be better served. Calling a competitor, asking for help and letting a cool project go requires courage. Our loyalty is to our customers and their work. The courage of our convictions helps us understand not every project is a fit. When we treat our customers as we want to be treated our Continuous Quality Scores (CQS) stay high and a new generation of work finds us.

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