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Eric Lloyd Talks Thirsty Thursday on Kimberly’s Corner

Blueforest Studios’ Kimberly Corrigan sat down this week with Eric Lloyd, Senior Solutions Account Executive at Atlantic BT, to highlight the upcoming Thirsty Thursday events at ABT this summer. These events bring creative professionals together while benefiting worthy causes close to the ABT family, so it was a perfect fit for the “Kimberly’s Corner” mini-series which focuses on showcasing fun events hosted by local businesses.

We love Eric for many reasons, but this face is probably in the top 3.

“Its great to be able to work with another local firm to promote the summer-series, after all, they’re designed to help grow the community,” Lloyd said. “And if it helps us smash this current goal, even better. We’re having fun and helping save babies; it’s a no-brainer.”

On top of the $1,000 raised for Band Together at Tech-Toss, Thirsty Thursday events have already raised $1152 for The Molly Ann Gries Foundation and the GoFundMe site for Kendall King’s son, Lincoln. ABT is well on the way to reaching our goal of $3000 for these charities before summer’s end.

“Thirsty Thursday is one case where you you can’t have too much of a good thing. After all, how often do you get to eat and drink for free while giving back?” Lloyd said.

Guests are invited to enjoy free food, free craft beer and, of course, whatever unhinged activity the team has arranged. The next Thirsty Thursday on July 14th is a Space Cowboy theme, featuring a number of western-style games and a mechanical bull.

Guests are encouraged to bring friends and family, prizes will be raffled off, the food and drink are practically bottomless, and all the comforts of the Level1 Lounge will be available (in case ping-pong and A/C are more up your alley). All we ask is that you register ahead of time to ensure that everyone is provided for.

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