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eCommerce Requirements Worksheet

There are many functionalities, features, and marketing needs that will factor into the complexity of your eCommerce website. For this reason, creating a budget for an eCommerce web project can be a process in itself. So what is the easiest way to scope the requirements and calculate price?

Over the years, Atlantic BT has scoped many custom eCommerce projects and developed a worksheet to streamline the process.

Free Download eCommerce Requirements Worksheet

This worksheet is designed to help focus your efforts when building or redesigning an eCommerce website. There are many other factors to consider during this process, but we focus on the high-level, critical factors that will organize your thinking and get you moving in the right direction.

What’s Included in This eCommerce Requirements Worksheet? 

This free download will walk you through determining objectives, technical requirements, needed features, and more. We included examples and checklists to facilitate the process. 

  • Determine your objectives.
  • Determine your features and technical requirements to gauge which platforms or service providers are the best fit for your business. 
  • Determine which features you need – such as marketing tools, customer account functionalities, and checkout methods.
  • Determine key audiences and personas.
  • Break down average traffic and conversions to determine scalability needs.
  • Determine product catalog size and related features needed for management.
  • Determine necessary integrations with other systems.

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