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Content Curation Contest Semifinalists

Content Curation Contest From Atlantic BT

Content Curation Semifinalists

VOTE NOW since three finalists will be determined by total vote count. Vote based on fidelity to curation philosophy, is the content engaging and do YOU want to curate THEIR content.

Week 1 (Voting ends Monday morning March 12th)

Anise S (leader with 296 votes)

Chad J (2nd with 57 votes)

Molly F (3rd with 27 votes)

Brian M (4th with 20 votes)

Ben D (5th with 6 votes)


Week 2 (Last Day Today)
(Voting Begins Monday March 12th, voting ends Monday March 19th)

Curators With Examples of their cruration (more links and their philosophy will be on the VOTE page during voting)

Mike E

Karen D
Site:  Giuseppe M

Content Curation Contest voting image
Week 3 (Starts Monday)
(Voting Begins Monday March 19th, voting ends Monday March 26th)

Robin G

Susan B

Content Curation Contest voting imageJessie Z

Kelly L


Week 4 (Last Week of March)

Michele S

Gabriella S

Khaled E

Marty S (non voting host, for fun)

How To Win?
3 Finalist will be determined by total vote count. A panel of judges will award an iPad 2 to the Curator of the Year, a Kindle Fire to the silver medal curator and a “new voices” title to the other finalist. 10 Curators will have profiles on with a special “Curator of the Year, 2011” Badge. Win by driving the most votes to the Atlantic BT Content Curation Voting Page.

Good luck to every curator and thanks to everyone for making our inaugural Content Curation Contest cool and fun.



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