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Content Curation Contest Awards From Atlantic BT

Top Curator 2011 BadgeFirst Content Curation Contest Awards
Content curators are artistic, selfless people who want to help others make sense of a changing world. The Atlantic BT Content Curation Contest was created to repay great curators who’ve make the complex understandable, who see and share magical patterns and who express the joy of content curation.Thanks to everyone who shared their curation, voted or helped spread the word!Our Content Curation Contest will become an annual event, so be sure to follow @Atlanticbt, LIKE us on Facebook.
CuratorVotesAwardLinks & Curation
Susan Bainbridge691iPad, @eddebainbridge Most Popular Curation On The 21st Century
Khaled El Ahmad480Kindle, @shusmo Most Popular Curation: Social Media on
Giuseppe Mauriello469New, @pinomauriello, Most Popular Curation: Social Media Content Curation on
Anise Smith300Top Ten, @AniseSmith Most Popular Curation: QR Codes on
Mariano Pallottini251Top Ten, @MarcheBreaks Most Popular Curation: Le Marche & Fashion on
Gabrella Sannino242Top Ten, @SEOcopy, Most Popular Curation: Content Strategy on
Robin Good130Special “Teacher & Mentor”, @RobinGood, Most Popular Curation: Content Curation World, Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0 on
Michele Smorgon82“Great Ideas”, @maxOz, Most Popular Curation: Social Business Marketing, Digital By Design
Molly Freudenberg70Great Friend AwardCraft Ideas Weekly (on FB), Most Popular Curation: Craft Ideas Weekly on twitter
Karen Dietz58Great Storyteller, @kdietz, Most Popular Curation: Just Story It on
What’s Next?
We are creating profile pages for each 2011 Top Curator (all ten curators listed above) with special badges and limited addition t-shirts to let others know about their Top Curator award. Profiles will share traffic to any two links Top Curators wish and we will NOT “no follow” the link.Sharing traffic, ideas and curation with world class curators, entrepreneurs and Internet marketers is what we do for a living.Thanks again to everyone who participated in the first Content Curation Contest.Don’t forget to follow @AtlanticBT, LIKE us on Facebook. Atlantic BTRaleigh, NC

April 5, 2012

Curious about what content curation is all about? Read What Is Content Creation by Atlantic BT Marketing Director Marty Smith.

A Word About Scripting & Spam Votes
Our spam algorithm set off quite an alarm as we reviewed the Curation Contest Voting blocks. Large blocks of votes from the same IP address coming in every second on the second for hours were kicked out right away. Several of these attacks came from places you probably are not planning to vacation.

Once it was clear the contest had been bombed by hackers we inspected the result set that came out of our algorithm by hand finding a few smaller blocks the first scrubbing missed (but not many and none that changed the overall results once cleansed). After using our tool and reviewing the list by hand (for hours) we are confident a fair result was reached.

The first Content Curation Contest seems a strange thing to attack, so we were using cookie based protection figuring why would anyone attack (script) this contest. The prizes aren’t that big and it is more a matter of pride. Apparently things get attacked because they can be attacked. No contestant benefited consistently or only. The attack was randomly spread across all contestants so the contest was being attacked not any contestant or contestants. Since the attack was the identifiable pattern it was possible to eliminate the scripted votes without impacting the organic vote totals. If a scripted or spam block got through it didn’t change the outcome since we went over those blocks laboriously for hours. Next time we will use IP based security from the outset and assume scripting in the voting pool. We will be less naive next year in other words.

I should have included this note about the contest being attacked on Thursday and the steps we took to keep it fair, but, frankly, I was dead tired after spending the better part of the day looking at IP blocks in Excel (not a fun task). I’m still working on ways to call attention to great curators who didn’t garner the kind of votes they deserve and creating a special exclusive t-shirt for the top curators of 2011.


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