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Content Curation Contest Announced

Curation Contest From Atlantic BT Coming Soon

Yes! Content Curation Contest Is On

February 7 Update
Thanks to everyone of the 27 GREAT curators who’ve applied for our first Content Curation Contest. Use the link above or click on Curate This to enter our first Content Curation Contest.

Who will win the iPad or Kindle? Keep the Entries coming!

Content Curation Contest…coming soon
We are working on a Content Curation Contest to identify and reward great content curators such as Robin Good, Anise Smith and Michele Smorgon (maxOz). If you are a great content curator and would like details about the contest, please follow @Atlanticbt and use #curationcontest in a Tweet (or two or three). If you know content curators such as Karen Dietz, Alex Butler and Morten Myrstad please let them know about our contest.

Pre-Contest Tweets & Email
Use #CurationContest in a Tweet to be on the contest mailing list. Curation Contest will start before Christmas. Or email Martin.Smith(at)AtlanticBT(dot)com with “Curation Contest” in subject.

Will be running the Content Curation Contest on Atlantic BT, so be sure to follow @Atlanticbt and look for details soon.

Thanks and stay tuned.   Martin

More on Content Curation and our Content Curation Contest on ScentTrail.

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