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Bringing Employees Together One Mini Game at a Time

Doo dooo doo doo doo, MAHNA MAHNA. Do you know the theme of the Muppets? The employees at Atlantic BT sure do.

Each day at 2:47pm, employees are summoned by the muppets song to participate in a voluntary mini game and take a break from their everyday work. These mini games serve as a time for employees to hang out with coworkers they don’t always get to see in a fun, competitive setting.

2 4 7 wouldn’t be nearly as fun if it weren’t for the competitiveness of my coworkers… their strive to victory makes it so much sweeter when I come out on top.
– Andrew Aldaya, current Water Pong, Mario Kart, and Two-Time 2 4 7 Champion

Mini games last only about 10-15 minutes and change almost every day to keep things fresh. Some examples of our favorite games are Telestrations, water pong challenges, 99, high/ low, nerf gun target practice, and the ever popular flip cup (which we consistently plan on Monday).

Employees get points at the end of each game. On Friday, we tally up the 2 4 7 scores and give winners a prize.

Having new games every day keeps it interesting. Doing this helps keep 2:47 spicy and prevents an otherwise fun perk becoming dull.
– Jon Karnofsky, former Culture Club President

Although 2 4 7 is all fun and games, there is a bigger purpose. The core is to bring people together, have fun and meaningful interactions, and to grow the culture of Atlantic BT.

In one of our 2 4 7 games, we drew contour pictures of each other and tried to guess who each drawing was.

2 4 7 is to provide a safe space for people to do silly, new things all while getting to know coworkers better. If your employees have this space to grow their relationships and relax for a bit, they can work better as a team, thus working better as a whole.

The reason why I chose the time of 2:47 was two-fold. First of all, it was a nice time in the afternoon where everyone could probably use a leg stretch and work break. Second and most importantly, 2 4 7 really stands for having culture 24/7 all day, every day.”
   – Jon Jordan, CEO

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