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How to Choose the Right Web Programming Team

Choosing to launch a new website or update the one you have, is a bold move. It is not for the faint of heart. But you’re ready for this challenge. Heck, you were BORN for this challenge. Right now, you’re listening to ‘Eye of the Tiger’ while reading this and taking notes. (And if you weren’t, it’s definitely playing in your head now). Now, you have one big decision in front of you. You need to choose the right web programming team for your project.
This can often be stressful for many business owners and executives. There’s a lot at stake. For one thing, there might be a great deal of money involved. This includes the initial investment, as well as the potential success (or failure) of the new site. But, there is another factor at play, making the decision difficult. The average decision-maker, in this situation, isn’t all that fluent in web programming. In other words, most know what they need, but not a lot about the process involved in getting it.
That doesn’t mean you can’t find the right web programming team to work with, though. Doing some research and finding good advice can get you going in the right direction. Once you know what to focus on, you’ll be able to avoid seduction by an unethical sales pitch. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a web programming company to hire.

Be Clear About What You Want

You might not be able to explain, in programming terms, what you’re hoping to get, but you don’t have to. Work with your team to outline a set of features and capabilities you’d like to see in your finished app. The more details you can provide, the better. Be sure to include deadlines and cross-compatibility needs. Any concerns that come to mind are important to note.
The programmers you meet with will be making similar outlines. Based on what they know about your project, and their own experience, they will have ideas and suggestions at the ready. A good programming team is never waiting around for instructions. They view your project as a collaboration. Once you share your vision, they’ll get to work drafting ways to make it a reality. As you meet with various teams hoping to earn your trust, you can compare the outline you have to theirs. Which proposal seems most in line with yours? The team who listens best, shares your values, and takes initiative should be easy to spot.

Look for Experience and Dependability

Programming is a complex job to the uninitiated. And yet, there are many misguided assumptions about the work that whittle it down to its barest form. But programming is more than only knowing certain technical languages and requirements. It’s as much of an art as it is a science. Being well versed in various forms of code is an accomplishment, to be sure. But what are these programmers choosing to say with the language they’ve mastered? How are they communicating with consumers on your behalf? Are they creative and flexible? The ways they utilize their skills will give you a great deal of information about working with them.
Equally important are the traits you would look for in any employee or partner. Working styles vary across the board. Do the people in this company have a style that matches that of yours? Also, consider things like productivity and project management. This is important if you want to have your software finished on schedule and under budget. Keep these considerations in mind when checking out potential vendors. Don’t overlook the importance of experience and dependability.

Do Your Homework

Here is an unfortunate truth. There are web design companies out there who will say almost anything to drum up business. It’s your job to ensure they can back up their claims. Any company that sounds too good to be true most likely is. It’s ok to ask for more information rather than to accept a blanket statement as sacrosanct. Look through case studies from previous projects. Follow up on referrals to clients this company has worked with in the past. These actions will help you make the best, educated choice.
Don’t feel bad about choosing to dig deep. You’re not putting them on trial. This is a job interview. Not only that, it’s for a vital position that will determine the success of your project. You’ve already invested a great deal into the work and plan on putting in a great deal more. You want to get this right the first time. What past clients have to say can speak volumes. Listen to their experiences. Does this company respect other teams? Are they able to take responsibility for mistakes and work to fix them? If a past client has an issue to share, you must consider it seriously. No matter how much you’ve been liking this company thus far, the client’s experience is valid. A programming team you can trust is invaluable. They are out there. Don’t get distracted by the companies that shout the loudest, putting on a show. Sincerity counts. Make sure you’re going to get all that you’re paying for. You want to know that the creative team you’re hiring is going to be easy to work with. At the end of the day, you want everyone involved to be proud of the work they’ve done together.

Check the Terms and Conditions

You’ve found The One. An ideal team that is consistent, creative, and within budget. Not only that, they’re also genuinely good people that you want to work with. You’re ready to get started!
Do you know exactly what you’re getting into? Are you both, beyond a shadow of a doubt, on the same page? Don’t be in a rush to commit to the project, with your chosen vendor, in writing. Take the time to review their agreement and terms. Make sure you understand what you’re entitled to receive. Also be aware of any obligations that fall to you, such as providing content or feedback. The agreement should also specify what will happen at the conclusion of the project. You should know who will own the rights to the finished work. It should also be clear how long the programmers will be supporting the site. These kinds of terms should be clear and detailed so you can avoid any confusion down the road.

Want to Work With the Best?

At Atlantic BT in North Carolina we have design skills, technical expertise, and a long track record of success. More importantly, though, we have a reputation for putting our clients and their needs first. So, if you need web development or custom app programming that’s a cut above the rest, contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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