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Atlantic BT’s Epic Scavenger Hunt at the NC State Fair

ABT employees all together in a group

At Atlantic BT, we’ve mastered the art of remote work. We’ve assembled a team that spans time zones, making up some of the brightest talent there is. We don’t let distance dampen our company culture either. From virtual escape rooms to trivia showdowns, we’ve still found creative ways to have fun with our teammates

But we’re not all Google Meet and virtual spreadsheets. This year, we flew out-of-towners to Raleigh, North Carolina and spent the day at the North Carolina State Fair for a scavenger hunt.

For some of us, it was the first time meeting many of our coworkers in person. Faces that had been confined to screens now materialized in three dimensions! Adding to the amusement, our Senior PHP Developer, Gabby, brought her niece with her to partake in the scavenger festivities. Picture the scene: our Senior Front End Developer Dave extended a warm hug to Gabby. Only he had actually embraced Gabby’s niece, mistaking her for Gabby herself!

ABTers Gabby, Dave, Jenn and Tyler with Smokey the Bear.
Pictured from left to right: Gabby’s niece, Gabby, Dave, Smokey Bear, Jenn and Tyler.

Scavenger Hunt Rules

For the Scavenger Hunt, developers, designers, discoverers, and deployers were armed with a strange list of Fair paraphernalia such as fried oreos, prized cows, ferris wheels, a sweet potato weighing 8.781 lbs, and stretchy ice cream. The rules were simple, teams of five find the items on the list and take a picture with at least three of their teammates. This prevented teams from dividing and conquering while also creating opportunities for goofy photo sessions!

Friendly Competitive Spirit

The competitive spirit was lively as teams scattered throughout the North Carolina State Fair. They frantically captured as many items on the list before the time limit. ABTers clocked in steps like they were training for a marathon. Our IT Manager was so caught up in the competition he had a clash with a fire hydrant! The fire hydrant won. 

Time was our most precious currency. Every moment spent elsewhere meant a point lost. It was funny to see CEO and founder Jon Jordan’s team members sweat when he was stopped by someone he knew, which delayed their progress. It was a race against time, and in hindsight, the beer break that Jon’s team took was not the wisest choice. 

The Great Cow Debate was a point of contention while the points were being tallied. Is a cow defined by its motherly status, or could a steer, a bull, or a heifer sneak into the picture and still be counted?

A cow and Scott, Connor and Matt.
An actual bonafide cow with ABTers Scott, Connor and our President Matt.

It was a very tight race, but Team 2 ended up winning with 54 points! Everyone had such a blast connecting with our coworkers and we’re all excited for the next company culture event!

Scavenger Hunt Winners: James, David, Yolanda, Doug, and Laura
Scavenger Hunt Winners: James, David, Yolanda, Doug, and Laura

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