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Atlantic BT Top of the Inc. 5000 by State

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We thought it would be fun to see if we could find the magic formula. Hidden inside of a list like the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies is a secret code. Crack the code and you might figure out how to consistently rank in the top of the list. To find the secret code, we matched public data about states to the Inc. 5000. Matching census data, mean temperature, education, income and health to the Inc. 5000 produced interesting results:
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Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing By State

Rich Get Richer

18 states contribute 4003 companies, or 80% of Inc. 5000 (chart below).

HOT or Cold

The annual mean temperature in those 18 states is 54 degrees.

Population Matters

Biggest 4: CA, TX,
NY and FL
ranked 1 – 4 in Inc. 5000.

Average Income Doesn’t

CA is #13, TX #24,
NY #6 and FL #50.

Atlantic BT Inc. 5000 18 atlantic bt Inc. 5000 54 atlantic bt inc. 5000 4 atlantic bt inc. 5000 4
Rich Get Richer

Top 5 CA, TX, NY, FL and VA account for 40% of total companies in Inc. 5000.

HOT or Cold

The annual mean temperature in top 5 states is 59 degrees.

Population Matters

Top 5 states account for 35% of US Population.

Average Income

NY richest Top 5 avg annual income $48,821 6th overall.

atlantic bt inc. 5000 40 ATLANTIC BT INC. 5000 59 ATLANTIC BT INC. 5000 35 atlantic bt Inc. 5000 6
Rich Get Richer

Top 5 states have more firms, Only VA lags at #12.

HOT or Cold

Sun shines on Top 5 states more than mean.

Population Matters

Top 5 states Have more college students, only VA lags at 13th.


Only FL and VA rank well in health gains, other top states may have already been healthy.

atlantic bt inc. 5000 companies by state long tail graph

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