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Atlantic BT to Participate in 3rd Annual Mobile Conference

I’m excited and honored to be moderating and participating on a panel at this year’s Innogive Conference taking place Monday, April 2nd in San Francisco’s  Union Square.

While past year’s had focused exclusively on mobile giving, next week’s conference will span to mobile marketing & engagement  as well.  It will also address how any organization, large, small, local or International, can implement an effective, scale-able mobile strategy that delivers long-term, measurable results.

Hosted by well known industry names, Mobile Cause & Network for Good, keynotes include well known nonprofit blogger, author and N4G Strategist Katya Anderson .
Nonprofits represented include: the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society & Goodwill – as well as several nonprofit thought leaders including Beth Kanter, Geoff Livingston, Amy Sample Ward – and many others from some of today’s top technology companies.

While there,  I’ll share exciting insights on the mobile site we created for MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and their Power of Parents Campaign. (see example below)

Prior to that, I’ll moderate a general session panel on Mobile Engagement – to  peel back covers beyond Text2Give, what many have considered an elephant in the room, also highlighting what mobile web tools, metrics and best practices should be considered when developing a mobile strategy.

Rumor has it, someone on my panel will be unveiling exciting mobile cause-marketing collateral involving 2 very well known and established national brands.  Woot! 

Since  personally launching mobile app  Tap-n-Give over two years ago, I am thrilled to hear first-hand of numerous ways mobile web, SMS and mobile marketing are being implemented and refined by today’s nonprofits.

Mobile devices are personal and physically never far from reach.  Whether completing a chore, killing time or researching future plans, mobile’s where it’s at.   It is THE perfect vehicle for creating and cultivating long-term engagement among new and existing supporters, volunteers, clients or patrons.

All generations are moving to mobile web in droves.

Nonprofits must consider how those new to your cause may want to dip their toe, so to speak, before they invest money to support your mission.  How are you addressing their habits and wishes so they’ll want to champion yours?

Innogive 2012 will unearth new mobile technologies, abilities & behaviors important to furthering society’s evolving needs.  Whether you’re able to join us or not, be sure to follow me or Atlantic BT to receive conference highlights, video and pictures live from San Francisco!

Stay tuned for next week’s blog, where exciting details about Atlantic BT’s Mobile Grant Contest will be unveiled!

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