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Atlantic BT Honored for 4th Year as an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company

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Atlantic BT Honored with Fourth Inc. 5000 Fastest Growth Company Award

For a fourth year, the software and web development company Jon Jordan started with a few friends in 1998 and that has grown to almost 70 employees is included in Inc. Magazine’s 5,000 Fastest Growth companies. While preparing a press release about the achievement, I asked Jon about the fuel driving Atlantic BT’s growth.

Jon’s answer focused on three things: values, team and great customers. I concur, and it is easy to see expressions of Jon’s triptych from the crazy cultural events such as Beard Off and Egg Drop to amazing work for great customers and fellow Inc. 5000 Fast Growth Companies such as StrikeIron, Intelligent Access Systems and HireNetworks.

Jon’s creation of our CQS (Continuous Quality Score) and its sister EQS (Employee Quality Score) is one of my favorite innovations during the last year. Jon, Mark and the management team saw a need to ensure that connection with customers remained strong over long projects. The answer was a single question distributed weekly. CQS, based on the Net Promoter Score idea, asks if, based on the work performed, customers would recommend Atlantic BT. Our average CQS is currently in the 8 to 9 range.

When a customer posts a low score, everyone in the management team knows immediately. We connect, triage and fix the problem.

Similarly, each week I fill out an EQS asking if I would recommend working at Atlantic BT to my friends (Yes is the answer!). CQS and EQS are great ideas created as an expression of Atlantic BT’s core values.

Atlantic BT sends congratulations to our 126 fellow North Carolina companies on the Inc. 5000. Together we are creating a new, faster growing North Carolina, a.k.a. the Austin, TX of the eastern seaboard.

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