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Atlantic BT Customer of the Week: Triangle Carpet Specialists

Triangle Carpet SpecialistsEver meet someone and instantly like and respect them?

Meeting entrepreneur Leo Croes today was one of those moments. After a seven year turn in the Marines Leo worked for Pfizer until long road trips and too much time away from home helped him get in touch with life’s larger question – why am I doing this? Leo’s answer was to start Triangle Carpet Specialists and work hard, very hard. I know, after speaking with Leo for an hour, he works hard. He’s been working since he was thirteen. I was watching Leave It To Beaver when I was 13 how about you? I admire anyone who sacrificed so I can be an American.

Leo trained Marines. Think about that, the special man helping put down your new floor or clean carpets in your home (they are coming to clean mine at my house in Durham next week) TRAINED MARINES. How cool is that? You must be LARGE and IN CHARGE to be a Marine. Q: How large do you have to be to TRAIN Marines? A: LARGE AND IN CHARGE :). Leo is patient, listens intently, sets realistic goals and is a great Atlantic BT customer. If you were trapped in a foxhole in some strange place surrounded by people with hostile intent, you want Leo there.

My carpet isn’t a foxhole but it is full of “hostile intent” (lol). I didn’t know cleaning my carpets twice a year is a must to maintain carpet fibers and keep allergens at bay. Every morning I take medicine from Leo’s old company, Pfizer, to breathe. Breathing is something you get used too, something you immediately want whenever you can’t. Today Leo taught me how to think of carpets as highly influential investments. Investments in health (duh I’m a cancer survivor thanks to some amazing DUKE medical Marines) and my house’s value (should there ever be any again).

Having a Marine who trained Marines clean my carpets twice a year seems like a great idea and cheap against the cost of NOT doing so. I’m guilty of not cleaning my carpets 2x a year but am pleading ignorance. Paying Leo to help me stay out of Duke (no offense to my friends there) seems a good investment. I will sign a service contract with Leo and Triangle Carpet Specialists next week so I have one less pain in the butt thing to worry about every year.

Leo’s carpet cleaning and flooring business for homes and businesses is growing despite a lousy housing market and our “no one has any money” times. Leo knows something Atlantic BT understands. Leo bets his company, years of hard work and his beautiful children’s futures (daughter just graduated from Peace College with a business and Spanish degree and now works for dad in the office, son is headed to NC State) on quality, care, innovation and hard work. Leo’s children love their dad and the business they’ve built. Oh, let’s not forget Leo’s amazing wife. Guess what she does for a living? If you guessed nurse you are starting to get Leo and his very special family. I just spoke with his daughter Nina on the phone moments after filling out Triangle Carpet Specialists “Contact Us” form. Telling Nina how much I like her dad she laughed and admitted to liking him a little too.

I’ve locked and loaded my carpet and flooring needs for life because I’ve had bad, bad experiences with national companies who franchise this area. Finding someone who LOVES cleaning carpets and laying new floors isn’t easy. Cleaning carpets is hard, hard work (especially in my house were walking upstairs is climbing Everest). I would trust Leo with my house and car keys and know he and anyone he hires to help will take care, show respect and protect me like a friend (even though we’ve just met). Some people are just like that and you know them when you meet them.

Leo has a goal to triple his business and our amazing Brian, the Atlantic BT marketing team, our great programmers, graphic and UX designers, my boss Mark Foulkrod and our owner Jon Jordan will help. Least we can do. How can we repay the unrepayable? My thought is no one ever helps with my flooring needs (thinking about hardwoods upstairs) or carpet cleaning whose last name isn’t Croes ever again.

If I still owned Found Objects or any other business, Leo would be the person I trust with my company’s security codes and who I call to get an impossible job done in an absurd amount of time. “Did you work all night,” I asked about just such a business flooring job. “Yes, we worked for four days and nights straight,” he explained. How can you even FIND people willing to live on a job for 4 days in order to meet an impossible deadline? I have friends who work on computers that hard, but put them flat on a floor and they cry FOUL and go home (fast).

Leo didn’t accomplish that impossible business flooring job alone, but you know he helped, supported, coached and trained. Leo doesn’t phone in his life. He is present every moment and that is why you hire Triangle Carpet Specialists. That is why you want a Marine trainer and former Pfizer manager cleaning your carpets and laying down new floors in your home or business. We honor Triangle Carpet Specialists as the first Atlantic BT Customer of the Week. We say THANK YOU to Leo, his family and every Marine or service man and woman. Leo you help us be Americans. The world is a strange and hostile place, we live here and are who we are on the strong backs of people like you, on the steady backs of Marines who train Marines.


Contact Triangle Carpet Specialists
Telephone: (919)906-2218
Web: Triangle Carpet Specialists
Contact Triangle Carpet Specialists

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