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Atlantic BT 2nd Annual Egg Drop Competition

Atlantic BT Annual Egg Drop Contest graphic

Atlantic BT Founder Jon Jordan Egg Drop Jon Jordan with Eggstinguisher2nd Annual Atlantic BT Egg Drop Contest
Tension is running high here at the Atlantic BT Center across from Macy’s Crabtree Valley mall today. Competitors in the second annual Atlantic BT Egg Drop Contest are trying to inconspicuously walk by competitor desks where a variety of engineering, art and egg drop science is on display.Some egg drop engineering is similar.”Might be some high level egg drop espionage going on,” is how Atlantic BT’s founder summarized how similar shock absorbing devices got used on several devices.  When this reporter asked Jon how he judged his chances he said, “We have to take it one drop at a time, but the Eggstinguisher is ready to take the punishment of multiple drops.”

Rules established at Atlantic Business Technology’s Inaugural Egg Drop Contest are strictly enforced. “Do you see any rules violations,” Jon asked this reporter. Tensions are running high this year given the high bar set by Chutzpah and Monster Box last year.

Watch Videos From Last Year or Pictures From Last Year’s Contest

Engineer/Designer/ArtistOddsConceptEgg Drop Entry
Billy Bonar3 to 1Pea Pods float to earth and so will Billy’s egg in this wind surfing pea pod design
Last Year: Eggplane
Billy's Pea Pod for Atlantic BT Egg Drop Contest
Jon Jordan3 to 1Eggstinguisher is based on Jon’s motorcycle shock absorbers and his frustrated desire to land on the moon.Atlantic BT Founder Jon Jordan Egg Drop
Eileen Allen 5 to 1Eileen’s Mr. Peanut is based on the science and art of peanuts.Mr. Peanut Drops An Egg link
Colin Butler4 to 1Colin based his design on the fact that even angry birds fly.Collins Angry Bird Atlantic BT Egg Drop Contest
Andrew Wirtanen9 to 1Godfather’s Dream is based on Andrew’s love of the Godfather I, II and NOT III.Andrew's Godfather Horse Head for Egg drop
Will Haley10 to 1Will based his egg drop machine on artist Vollis Simpson’s Whirligig.Will's Whirlygig for Atlantic BT egg drop
Brian Shirley4 to 1Brian’s design is based on his love of the aluminum foil.Brian's Cage for Atlantic BT egg drop contest
Chris DuffyUnavailableChris’s design, based on his junk drawer at home, is so secret it wasn’t available for pre-drop review.Chris Junk Drawer Egg Drop entry
Corey Brinkman3 to 1Corey’s Big Moo comes complete with aerodynamic udders and controversial shock absorption.Straw-Tastic from last yearCorey's Big Moo egg drop picture
Curtis Martin8 to 1Curtis believes presence of his favorite super hero should carry the day for his Christmas stocking approach.Curtis Egg Drop Sock
Jamie Kahgee3 to 1Jamie’s collapsible tube is patent pending and sure to provide competition.Jamie's tube for egg drop
Addie Caulk4 to 1Addie’s “Stay Calm and Carry On” looks ready for heavy seas…floating is another matter.Addie carry on egg drop entry
John Procter5 to 1John’s unique flying hockey puck design is sure to copter down to earth gently (his story).John Procter's flying hockey puck for egg drop contest
Adam Daniels7 to 1Adam’s design can protect the egg and clean your toilet.Adams toilet cleaner egg drop
Mike McTaggart0Mike’s egg of doom is such a secret it was unavailable for pre-drop review.
What’s Next?
Competitors will try and find some way to contain the unique combination of nerves, worry and concern between now and Atlantic BT’s 2nd Egg Drop Contest dropoff. I was impressed with the engineering prowess, artistic skill and crazy talent on display at Atlantic BT’s 2nd Egg Drop Contest.Before leaving the Atlantic BT Center I asked Creative Director Eileen Allen how it felt to be the only female competitor, “I’m not the only female competitor, Addie’s Carry On is competing too.”

Bonne chance to all competitors in their droppings.* Odds are strictly for entertainment, please don’t bet and drive. Odds were determined by calling a secret number in Vegas and starting the conversation with, “the eggs are dropping again.”

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